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Amazon Adds Reorder Reminders to Alexa’s Shopping Experience

Amazon Adds Reorder Reminders to Alexa’s Shopping Experience

Since Amazon announced the ability to use notifications for Alexa, some skill providers have taken advantage of the option. But, no one has taken advantage of the capability more than Amazon. Alexa notifications give Amazon the ability to improve the customer experience and invite customers to buy more.

Amazon has now added a new Notification just for reordering common purchases.

Now, Alexa will remind you to reorder essentials that you frequently purchase on Amazon. With each Amazon purchase you make, Alexa will get smarter and learn more about your preferences. When Alexa thinks it’s about time for you to restock your go-to coffee brand or favorite laundry detergent, a yellow light ring or on-screen banner will appear on your Echo device.

To opt-in directly, jump to this link:

Or, you can enable it through the Shopping Notifications options show here: Tip: 3 Ways to Manage Your Alexa Shopping Notifications

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