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Alexa Voice-calling and Messaging Coming to All Devices as Part of Echo Show Launch

Amazon today has announced that its latest device, the Echo Show, will launch on June 28, 2017. The most exciting piece may seem like its the addition of the touchscreen, but more than that, as part of this new device delivery, Amazon is currently rolling out voice-calling and messaging to applicable devices. Many devices have been updated already and will be capable of making calls and sending messages as soon as the app is updated. The Alexa app update is also now available.

According to Amazon notes, 2nd generation Dots, the Echo, and those running Amazon’s Alexa app will be able to place voice calls and also deliver messages. Apparently, the Tap does not support the calling and messaging feature.

Amazon now has a page available that talks about this new feature: Alexa Calling & Messaging

From the FAQ:

Who can I call and message?
You can call or message any contact who also has the free Alexa App, an Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show and has enabled Alexa calling and messaging. Once you update the app, you can see which contacts have also enabled Alexa calling and messaging. Don’t see your friends or family in the app? Just send them a link to this page to help them get started.

What if I have an Echo and my dad has an Echo Dot—can we still call or message each other?

What if my friends don’t have an Echo, can I still call or message them from mine?
Yes! Those friends would simply need to download the free Amazon Alexa App, available on iOS and Android, and enable Alexa calling and messaging.

When would I use Drop In instead of video calling?
In the vast majority of cases you’ll use video calling. Drop In is for special cases with your closest family and friends – for example, when you want to drop in to check on an elderly relative, let the family know it’s time for dinner, or check on the baby in the nursery.

Can I specify who gets to Drop In on me?
Yes – you choose who, if anyone, can drop in on you. You also choose which devices are available for Drop In – for example, you might turn on Drop In for the Echo Show in the kitchen, but not for the Echo Show in the living room.

How much does Alexa calling and messaging cost?
It’s free.

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