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Alexa Tip: Light Ring Color Meanings

Except for the Tap, Alexa devices have a visible ring on top that provide visible indications of what the device is going.

Here’s the current list of color communications:

Light Ring Status Description
Solid blue with spinning cyan lights The device is starting up.
All lights off The device is active and waiting for your request.
Solid blue with cyan pointing in direction of person speaking Alexa is busy processing your request.
Orange light spinning clockwise The device is connecting to your Wi-Fi network.
Solid red light You have turned off the microphones on your device. Press the Microphone button to turn on the microphones.
White light You are adjusting the volume level on your device.
Continuous oscillating violet light An error occurred during Wi-Fi setup.
Spinning blue light that ends in a solid purple light Do Not Disturb is enabled.
Single flash of purple light after an interaction with Alexa Do Not Disturb is active.
Pulsing yellow light A message or notification is waiting for you.
Pulsing green light You are receiving a call or Drop In on your device.


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