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Alexa Tip: Change Smart Home Plug Types to Lights

Amazon recently updated the capabilities of its Smart Home features in the smartphone app to allow Alexa device owners to change the “type” of smart home device. This may seem trivial, but for those that have both smart plugs and smart bulbs employed throughout the home, this is a welcome new function.

When you install new smart devices in the home, Alexa does a good job of recognizing the type of component it is. For example, when you install a smart plug, the Alexa app will show that the device is indeed a smart plug. The same with other devices, including smart light bulbs. However, what if you’ve used a smart plug to enable Alexa for a lamp or other light and want to include that light in a “lights” group? Prior to this update you’d enter a room and have to call out each lamp connected to a smart plug separately. With this update, you can include even smart plugs in light group configurations, so that when you enter a room and say “lights on,” ALL of the lights (including the smart plug-controlled lamps) will activate.

You can find this new option in the Smart Home area of the Alexa app. Look through your list of smart devices, locate the smart plugs and edit the Settings to find the option to change the smart home “type.”


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