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Alexa Skills: Turn Alexa into a Personal Fitness Coach

Alexa devices do a lot of useful and valuable things on their own, but then add skills into the mix and Alexa’s capabilities seem endless. Alexa can already do a myriad of things like look up definitions, do match, play music, sing songs, tell jokes, etc., etc. But, did you know that Alexa can also be put to work as a personal fitness trainer? If you use the Amazon Tap or Reverb.AI on your iPhone or Android phone, you can take Alexa to the gym with you and she can talk you through your workout.

Here’s a few skills that Amazon offers in its Alexa skills database that can get you on the road to fitness. This is new area for Alexa skills, so there aren’t a LOT in this category. But for those that are available now, these are ones handpicked for actual value. I expect this category to explode in short order, so we’ll keep expanding this list. If you find one that you like that’s not on our list, let us know.


Skill: My Boxing Coach

Target: Whole body

What it does: This skill brings a boxing coach to your home! My Boxing Coach enhances your real-life boxing workout with drill-based punching exercises. These exercises were crafted under the consultation of real-life boxing coaches and are just like the ones you would see in a typical boxing class.


“Alexa, ask My Boxing Coach for twelve rounds of boxing”

“Alexa, tell My Boxing coach to give me five rounds”


Skill: My Workouts

Target: Whole body

What it does: Creates workouts custom tailored to your fitness level and goals and Alexa will guide you through the workout. My Workouts will play some great upbeat music tracks for you while you workout. My Workouts will also keep track of your starting weight and other metrics and give you progress reports on your way to achieving your goals.


“Alexa, open My Workouts”

“Alexa, tell My Workouts to start workout”


Skill: 5-minute plank

Target: Core

What it does: Runs through a 5-minute routine of exercises.

Exercises involved:

60 sec – full plank 30 sec – elbow plank 20 sec – raised leg plank (each leg) 30 sec – side plank (each side) 30 sec – full plank 30 sec – elbow plank


“Alexa, ask five minute plank to start”

“Alexa, ask five minute plank to begin”

“Alexa, start five minute plank”



Skill: Leg Day

Target: Legs

What it does: Gives you one leg exercise to perform each time you ask.


“Alexa, open leg day”

“Alexa, ask leg day to give me a leg day exercise”

“Alexa, ask leg day for an exercise”


Skill: HiFit

Target: Whole body

What it does: This skill provides you a daily High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, no equipment is required: all you need is your body, the right mindset and fifteen minutes of your time.


“Alexa open HiFit”

“Alexa ask HiFit for start new workout”

“Alexa ask HiFit for resume my workout”


Skill: CrossFit King of Prussia Unofficial

Target: Whole body

What it does: Reads the WOD (workout of the day) for CrossFit King of Prussia, as posted on the CFKoP blog.


“Alexa, ask K. O. P. Fitness for the workout.”

“Alexa, ask K. O. P. Fitness what’s the wod?”

“Alexa, ask K. O. P. Fitness what was the workout yesterday?”


Skill: Random Exercises

Target: Whole body

What it does: A compilation of workouts to work the major muscles in your body.


“Alexa, ask random exercises to give me a workout”

“Alexa ask random exercises to give me an exercise” 


Skill: Random Workout

Target: Whole body

What it does: This skill is loaded with common exercises that can be done at home, and will randomly select the number of reps and type of exercise. This is great for TV commercial breaks, waking up in the morning, or a quick pick-me-up workout.


“Alexa Ask Random Workout to pick a workout”

“Alexa Ask Random Workout to pick an exercise”


Skill: Running history check for Strava

Target: Cardiovascular

What is does: Allows you to check your Strava profile for the following:

  • Summary for week, month and year
  • Activity for specific date
  • Details of the most recent activity
  • Joined clubs


“Alexa, ask running stats how many miles did I run in the last week”

“Alexa, ask running stats for my activity 5 days ago”

“Alexa, ask running stats for my latest activity”

Requires: Account Linking


Skill: CrossFit Wilson WOD

Target: Whole body

What it does: Give you the latest posted workout from CrossFit Wilson as part of your daily Flash Briefing.


“Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”

“Alexa, what’s in the news?”



Skill: Nutrition Label

Target: Diet

What it does: Ask about popular nutritional information, including calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein in almost any given food.


“Alexa Open Nutrition Label”

“How many calories are in bacon”

“How much protein is in bacon”


Alexa is available for Amazon devices Echo, Dot, Tap, Echo Show, Echo Look, Dash Wand, Fire tablets, and Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Edition TVs, but also on iOS, Android, and the web with

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