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Alexa Skill of the Week: SOLO: A Star Wars Story Co-Pilot Quiz

Alexa Skill of the Week: SOLO: A Star Wars Story Co-Pilot Quiz

Each week, we take a look at new and important Alexa skills you might want to consider enabling for your Alexa device. Amazon continues to improve Alexa with its own updates, but skills are software components that allow Alexa users to extend functionality across all Alexa-enabled devices in use for very specific functions. 

Before we get started with this week’s skill coverage, it’s important to take note of Amazon’s big reveal event on Thursday. Amazon is working to ensure that Alexa exists everywhere. The company announced some new Alexa-enabled products coming soon, but also refreshed just about every piece of its existing device line. 

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However, more importantly and really sort of shoved to the periphery was the fact that Amazon has been working hard to fulfil customer requests. Amazon also covered a long list of new features coming to Alexa. I bet more than one of your Alexa wants is on the list. 

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This week’s skill: SOLO: A Star Wars Story Co-Pilot Quiz 

Description: Take the pilot’s seat in the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca as your trusty co-pilot! In this SOLO: A Star Wars Story Co-Pilot Quiz, you’ll travel through the galaxy while facing challenges that will put your movie trivia skills to the test. The quiz will feature 5 rounds of trivia questions focusing on Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, The Millennium Falcon, and The Kessel Run. Chewbacca will be right by your side as you navigate through the quiz, so if you need help answering a question, just say “co-pilot” and Chewie will provide you with a clue from SOLO: A Star Wars Story. 

Real world use: To celebrate the digital launch of the SOLO movie, Disney has released this official movie quiz skill. The skill walks you through the movie by giving you quotes, asking for names, and all along the way it delivers sounds effects, and audio scenes. It’s a good romp, if somewhat limited, but a die-hard Star Wars fan will love it. And, there’s a good number of questions that you need to see the movie to be able to answer even if you think you know everything about the Star Wars universe. While there’s some visual components, I was a bit disappointed that there were only cut-scenes from the movie and not actual movie clips for the Show versions of the Alexa devices.

To be honest, I was reluctant to accept someone other than Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo. And, even after watching the movie I believe casting could have been better. However, the movie really exceeded my expectations. Showing things like how Han got his blaster, how he became space pirate, how Chewie and Han met, etc., really made the original trilogy shine even more. It provided a depth of character that made me want to go back and watch the series all over again. So, I guess you could say the Solo movie did its job. I’ve watched the movie a couple times already and is something I’ll continue to watch. 

Where to get it: You can locate the SOLO: A Star Wars Story Co-Pilot Quiz Skill in the Amazon Alexa app, enable it using your voice, or use the following web link: SOLO: A Star Wars Story Co-Pilot Quiz


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