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Alexa Skill Building Starter Kit

Developing for Alexa voice services isn’t that tough but can sometimes get tedious. A new “starter kit” on GitHub looks to solve that.

According to the author, here’s the value in using the starter kit:

The purpose of this starter kit is to boost up Amazon Alexa custom skill development speed. This starter kit simplifies development of multiple skills within a single project. It generates configuration (intent schemas, utterances, slot values) for Amazon Developer Console automatically and stores them for each skill separately. No changes needed in server code. Development in local machine is done using express. Server restarts itself and new configuration is regenerated automatically when code is changed. In that way the changes can be tested immediately unless intent names, utterances or slots are changed (in which case configuration should be updated on amazon developer console). This kit is able to run custom skills in express server and also deploy to AWS lambda.

Available on GitHub here:

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