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Alexa Now Supports Whispers and Expletive Beeps

Amazon today has announced some new additions to Alexa’s supported Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags. The new tags include:

  1. Whispers – Convey a softer dialog with <amazon:effect name=”whispered”>.
  2. Expletive beeps – Bleep out words with <say-as interpret-as=”expletive”>.
  3. Sub – Use the <sub> tag when you want Alexa to say something other than what’s written.
  4. Emphasis – Add <emphasis> to change the rate and volume at which Alexa speaks.
  5. Prosody – Use this tage to control the volume, pitch, and rate of speech.


Details: New SSML Features Give Alexa a Wider Range of Natural Expression

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