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Alexa Gets Google-ized with 15-second Ads

A few weeks ago, Google Home users’ ire was raised when advertisements started showing up in their AI streams. Google semi-apologized, removed the ads, and moved on. But, Google’s main revenue source is its ads business, so Google Home users can expect ads to come back eventually.

Amazon, on the other hands, derives revenue from customers that purchase from its online store. And, at the time of the Google Home incident, Amazon company assured customers through policy changes for skill developers that prohibits ads in published skills. Developers complained about the stronger policies, suggesting that they should be able to derive revenue from their hard work – apparently, despite having the expertise to code, developers don’t have the smarts to figure out alternative and inventive revenue streams.

However, now a third party, VoiceLabs, is reported to be distributing 15-second ads so that developers can monetize their skills – and still avoid breaking Amazon policy. Amazon has yet to stated if it will allow this to happen, but a couple rumors suggest that Amazon is backing the service. But, that’s not been proven.

Sponsored Messages are 6-15 seconds long, and inserted at the start and end of conversations, where they can naturally lead a consumer into an experience or converse with the consumer as they exit….consumers may only hear Sponsored Messages once every 15 sessions, only after their fourth interaction with the skill, and the format and position of the messages will vary.


The announcement: VoiceLabs Launches First Monetization Program for Amazon Alexa Developers

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