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Alexa-Cortana Partnership Getting Closer or Now Non-existent?

Last year Microsoft and Amazon announced that the companies would work together to bring Cortana functionality to Alexa and vice-versa. Amazon controls the majority of the voice assistant market with its Echo devices. So, it made sense that Microsoft would benefit from the integration.

The date for that partnership passed in December 2017 and many reported that Microsoft and Amazon were still working to pull it off, though the project was just running late. However, over the past few days a  couple changes have happened.

Where once one could ask Alexa to “Open Cortana” and the Echo device would say that Cortana capability was coming soon, Alexa now suggests it “…can’t find a skill by that name” and that you should check the Skill store.

Cortana’s message has also changed. Cortana’s message is more hopeful, still suggesting that the capability is coming soon.

By now, this integration is probably not as critical as it once seemed. Microsoft has since talked about its plans for the future for Cortana and its not focused solely on voice assistance. So, its possible that this functionality was more just “nice to have” instead of a strategic move that has now been backburnered.

If you can believe Cortana, it could still happen. But, if Alexa is your guide for truth, she may be attempting to conveniently forget.

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