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Alexa Coming to PCs, But Not the Way You Thought

Microsoft and Amazon have missed the end-of-the-year deadline for cross-connecting Cortana and Alexa, but that’s not stopping the march to Alexa dominance.

As part of CES this week, Amazon has announced that full Alexa capability will be coming to Windows 10 PCs. The implementation will come in two ways. First, there will be an Alexa app that can run on PCs to supply Alexa voice capabilities. And, additionally, PC makers HP, ASUS, Acer will deliver PCs later this year that have Alexa built in, providing Alexa voice recognition directly from the hardware. This latter functionality could push Cortana off Windows 10 systems.

Obviously, Microsoft knew this was coming. The company works constantly with its partners, HP, ASUS, and Acer. Is this more evidence that Cortana might be the next Microsoft service to “go away”? Its possible that Microsoft has different plans for Cortana than a mere voice assistant, and some of that is already evident in Windows 10. Cortana supplies much of what Windows 10 provides in notifications, calendar and shipment tracking, etc. So, Cortana might not exactly “go away” but instead evolve into a true assistant that just connects with Alexa services.


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