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Alexa Can Now Tell You Apart from Your Family Members

Amazon today has announced voice profiles for Alexa. This new feature should now be available for everyone inside the Alexa app.

Essentially, now Alexa can recognize you, and the others in your household, by your voice. You use the Alexa app with an Alexa device to setup each voice profile that you want Amazon’s cloud service to manage.

With voice profiles you can use Alexa for different people for:

  • Calling and Messaging
  • Personalized messages (Play my messages)
  • Alexa will also announce you as a the caller
  • Amazon Music (Family plan members receive customized music playlists, songs, and recommendations)
  • Shopping for each voice profile
  • Flash Briefings


How to do it

To get started, in the Alexa app, go to: Menu – Settings – Account section – Your Voice – and Select Begin.

The Alexa app will ask which of your devices you want to use to complete the process. After you select the device, the app will guide you through reading 10 different phrases while the device you chose listens for your dictations.

At the end of the process, you’ll be able to ask Alexa “Who am I?” and she’ll respond with your name and the account that is currently selected.

Amazon has posted an instruction video here:

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