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Windows 10

Agility with Security Mitigations in Windows 10

Microsoft delivered the following workshop at the Nullcon conference in India in March 2017.

Mitigations are an efficient way of looking at security problems as it helps us eliminate classes of vulnerabilities and exploit techniques by moving the needle away from individual fixes. Since Windows moved to a faster release cycle we have been able to deliver security mitigations to customers quicker than before. Since Windows 10, we have added many mitigations with every release at an accelerated pace. Continuous mitigation additions are evident if you are part of Windows Insider Program.

This talk focused on highlighting the Windows’s new release cadence which made it possible to land mitigations. we listed out all the mitigations in Windows 10 since its initial release and in the Creators update release. Overall, the slide deck gives a good overview on the latest security mitigations. This should help someone looking to start involving with finding mitigation bypass bounties.

Download the full slide deck: Agility with security mitigations in Windows 10

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