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Adjusting Displayed Folders in the New OneDrive Sync Client for Windows 10 1709

For many of you just cracking into Windows 10 Fall Creators Update after the upgrade, working with the new OneDrive Sync Client may have you scratching your head.

First off, the new sync client doesn’t get installed automatically. Microsoft is rolling the new software out slowly. However, you can upgrade the OneDrive software any time you want by following: How to Get the New OneDrive Sync Client for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Right Now.

Once OneDrive has been updated, you then might notice that only a few OneDrive folders show up in File Explorer when compared to the long list of your files and folders on the OneDrive web site. You can change the list of folders shown on the local computer without being forced to store the entire file size. The new OneDrive Sync Client supports “placeholders” or what Microsoft now calls “files on-demand.” These are essentially shortcuts to the real files stored in your OneDrive cloud account and the file is only downloaded when you access it. This is the way OneDrive originally worked, but Microsoft crippled it in subsequent versions despite customer complaint.

Here’s how to show all OneDrive folders…

Right-click on the “cloud” icon in the System Tray and choose Settings.


On the Account tab, tap or click the “Choose Folders” button.


Either select the “Make all files available” option or choose each folder/file individually.



Note that selecting the files and folders here still does not download the selections to your local computer and take up space, but only make them available to be seen in File Explorer.

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