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Adding Applications to MDT 2010

I have been doing a lot of MDT work over the past few months and I decided to blog it. I am sure there is someone out there these blogs could help out.

So, as the title says. Adding an application to MDT 2010.

Adding an application to MDT 2010 is not complicated at all. In this blog I will demonstrate how to install a exe.

First off lets identify the application we will be installing and that will be centricity practice solutions client (version 9.5), this is a exe file that we will deploy.

So now that we have identified the application. How to install it is now the question.

You can simply add the application to MDT 2010 by following the rest of this blog but for streamline application deployment I would not recommend skipping this section.

So given the application centricity practice solutions client 9.5, and a virtual machine with windows 7 and centricity practice solutions client 9.5 install folder on the desktop, we can test installing the application on the virtual machine and revert back until we find the switch that will install the application silently.

Are u can use USSF (Universal Silent Switch Finder) to scan a exe file and tell you what switches to use to install your application silently.

For this application I did not use ussf to find the switch. For this application I know the switch to install the application is /s. So by running “setup.exe /s” the application will install silently and no dialog boxes will show and no questions will be asked to the end-user.

So now that we know how to silently install the application we need to import it into MDT 2010 and tell MDT to install it with the “/s” switch to silently install the application.

So I open MDT 2010 and expand my deployment share to see the applications folder. Right click on the applications folder and click new application:

When you get to application type make sure you choose application w/ source files:

You only need to enter the application Name here:

In this field you need to only put the path to the executable: (Not the executable)

Make a name for the directory the application will be copied to:

This is where you add the exact cmd line as if you were installing from the command-line with the “/s” switch: “as you can see from the image below I have “setup.exe /s” in the command line/ field:

The next screen will show a summary of the information entered though-out the task. Then you will see a progress bar. MDT is coping the complete location you entered in the previous steps to the deployment share you created.

You should see your application listed now in the applications folder.

If you double-click on the application you will see the properties for the application you just installed.

You should see also 3 tabs:


General as you can guess just shows general information. On this tab you can hide the application from the deployment share and/are enable the application completely.

Details you can change to application bundle, but you should see Standard Application here and with the radio button selected on it. As you can see there is the quiet install command which has our “setup.exe /s” after installing this app you can have MDT indicate a restart of the workstation. You can also specify that this application is only available for install on certain Operating Systems.

Dependencies can be used if this application needed .NET 4.0 installed before installing the CPS application. Here you would click add and if you had .NET 4.0 ass an application in MDT you could pick .NET 4.0 and .Net 4.0 would be installed before actually installing Centricity Practice Solutions Client 9.5

And thats it. You have just added a application to MDT 2010.

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