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Add the Convenience of an all-in-one Keyboard and Mouse to Fire TV with the AuviPal R9 2.4GHz Wireless Mini

Add the Convenience of an all-in-one Keyboard and Mouse to Fire TV with the AuviPal R9 2.4GHz Wireless Mini

On-screen keyboarding isn’t a favorite activity for anyone. For tablets, it’s an OK experience, but when trying to navigate and input characters quickly for devices like Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, and others, it can be frustrating and excruciatingly slow.

I’ve cobbled together Bluetooth keyboards and mice and even then the experience is less than optimum. Sitting in bed with a full keyboard across your lap and a mouse sitting on an impromptu book surface can look pretty comical.

I was recently given the opportunity to test the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo from AuviPal. This device has fundamentally changed how I interact with our Fire TV farm and made the process more enjoyable – particularly when setting up new apps or surfing the web on the big screen.

The AuviPal is about the size of a standard game controller (like the one for the Xbox) but much thinner and lighter. It sports a full keyboard, standard navigation buttons, and a touchpad for mousing. Additionally, the keyboard lights up making it a great regular controller replacement for nighttime usage.

There are a couple caveats with this device you should know about. First off, even though the gadget is promoted as a Fire TV controller enhancement, there’s no back button like on the original Fire TV controller. It took me a while to figure it out, but instead, you can use the keyboard’s Escape (ESC) key to simulate the back operation. For the other caveat, I’ve yet to find a solution. There is also no normal video navigation keys like Pause, Play, FF, Rew, etc. So, pausing and restarting a Prime, Hulu, or Netflix videos is impossible. There might be a workaround, but the documentation for the AuviPal is pretty sparse. It only comes with a quick list of commands on a four-fold paper insert.

UPDATE: The bring up the Pause/Play menu, press the Spacebar on the keyboard.

Still…with the caveats, having the ability to use the keyboard and mouse pad has saved a lot of time.

The AuviPal comes with a Bluetooth USB receiver that can work with anything that supports the near geo wireless technology. So, while I’m using it for Fire TV, it can be used with PCs, tablets, gaming systems,  etc. In the case of the Fire TV, the AuviPal comes with a special USB OTG cable that allows you to install the Bluetooth receiver directly into the Fire TV device.

The AuviPal is rechargeable

Get it from Amazon for around $20: AuviPal R9 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo


  • Simple to set it up – Connect FireStick (2nd Gen) to 2 in 1 USB cable, Plug the USB dongle of R9 keyboard into the USB adapter. no extra effort or configuration needed, Plug and play. Note: 2 in 1 USB cable is specially designed for firestick which Supports OTG function – Saves your money by eliminating the need for buying extra components.
  • Time saver for FireStick (2nd Gen) , especially for KODI media player application. The speed of typing on R9 mini keyboard is about 10 times faster than typing on the previous remote. AuviPal R9 mini wireless keyboard makes the navigation of your devices more easier and faster. Note: the R9 keyboard does not support Hulu APP.
  • Simply but all-round: Added two new R/L buttons to the front of the keyboard and Reduced 21 needless keys compared to the old models. Go R9 wireless keyboard, no more pointing, and clicking.
  • Adjustable Function – R9 mini keyboard has over 180,000 backlit colors available and four backlit models, Powerful features allow you to have more choices to enjoy your leisure time. Luminosity of each backlit colors is adjustable.
  • Wide Compatibility – Compatible with FireStick (2nd Gen), Nvidia Shield and Android TV box KODI Media Player Application, including Raspberry Pi, PC, Xbox 360, PS 3 and more. Please note: This keyboard does not work with ROKU devices. If you want to connect Amazon Ethernet adapter, please make sure that One end of the 2 in 1 USB power cable connected directly to the FireStick and the other end connected to the Ethernet Adapter power source.



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