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A TechEdder’s experience at MMS 2013

A good friend of mine, Scott Ladewig, has been a die-hard TechEd attendee for a number of years, and does a great job promoting community there.  Scott attended the Microsoft Management Summit for his first time this year, and gives a great overview between the two conferences, and why he’ll stick with TechEd if given an ultimatum.  He also gives some links to posts where folks are still surmising whether or not there will be a MMS 2014.

The primary reason he will keep attending TechEd (beyond the fact that he manages apps other than System Center) is the community aspect.  He has built a lot of friendships at TechEd over the years and it’s the community piece that keeps him invested.

That’s key.  Community, beyond anything else Microsoft can provide technically, is the primary factor for conference alumni.  And, really, if newbies just take a moment to get involved, it’s community that drives any sort of conference favoritism.  Without the community factor, a Microsoft conference is just a set of keynotes and sessions to announce Microsoft’s investments in the future.

Keep this in mind as we roll into the coming weeks and MMS 2014 rumors are put to rest and questions about it’s existence are answered.  I’m not quite ready to delve into all that, but will be soon.

From a session and scheduling perspective, Scott mentions that there was not much difference between TechEd and MMS.  And, based on the last couple years of MMS and TechEd, I agree.  Scott also notes that TechEd, to him, is not purely a sales and marketing event.  Comparing to MMS for the last couple years, yeah, I may agree on that, too, based on how MMS has changed.  MMS should always be an event by the community for the community, just as it was in the beginning – much like SQL Pass is now: a community event supported and sponsored by Microsoft.

Anyway, take a read through Scott’s post: My Thoughts on MMS and TechEd

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