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A special treat for participating Alumni at MMS 2012

Stop by the MMS Alumni Lounge during the times listed below, complete that day’s fun task and collect one of five MMS 2012 collector’s pins.

·         Monday – 7:30am-8:30pm

·         Tuesday – During official conference break and lunch times

·         Wednesday – During official conference break and lunch times

·         Thursday – During official conference break and lunch time

·         Friday – 8:00am-1:00pm

Monday April 16th

Stop by the Alumni lounge and sign the giant MMS poster to receive the 1st MMS 2012 collector’s pin. 



Viva Las Vegas!

Tuesday April 17th

Give a shout out!  Post a comment about what you are looking forward to doing at this year’s event on the MMS 2012 Facebook page or your own Facebook page to receive the 2nd MMS 2012 collector’s pin.




Get your Geek on

Wednesday April 18th

Share!  Connect with the MMS community on CommNet by posting a comment about what you liked best in one or both of the keynotes to receive the 3rdnd MMS 2012 collector’s pin.



Server Huggers Unite

Thursday April 19th

Show your MMS Spirit!  Attend MMS today wearing a previous year’s MMS shirt or sport some old MMS swag and receive the 4th MMS 2012 collector’s pin.



 Technical Deep Dive

Friday April 20th

Help!  Just stop by and let the MMS staff know what you liked most about this year’s event or give some construction criticism on how the event can be improved to receive the 5th and final MMS 2012 collector’s pin.


I heart MMS

UPDATE March 30, 2012:  The page is now live on the MMS 2012 web site.  If you are logged in to the MMS 2012 web site, Alumni’s can now get to this page:

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