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A Renewed Promise on Software and Device Update Coverage

A Renewed Promise on Software and Device Update Coverage

Month-after-month, week-after-week, Microsoft continues its onslaught of updates. Many customers are starting to just ignore the updates due to “update fatigue” and in some cases this can be detrimental to the overall health and security of software and devices.

Remember Blackberry Thumb?  Update Fatigue may very well be the next industry recognized malaise worthy of physical and mental claims against workman’s comp. Who knows?

For that reason, here at myITforum you can expect less content on just common updates. Customers are seriously getting tired of the litany of “what’s new, what’s fixed, and what’s broken” whenever a new update is on the wires or whenever the Insider program sneezes. Some sites write an entire article just to cover an Insider person stating that no new updates are coming. Most of you agree that that’s crazy.

So, here’s our promise…

When you read about software and device updates here on myITforum, there will be useful and actionable information attached. We’ll either focus on the seriousness of not applying an update, letting you know when an update should be avoided, and alerting you to widely (and sometimes not-widely) reporting problems with updates. And, instead of writing about every single update, we’ll lump them all together where applicable.

This promise ensures you get something useful instead of a strategy to fill your RSS feed with deletable and unreadable content.

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