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A Cloud Guru Offers Two Free Alexa Development Courses – More on the Way

A Cloud Guru Offers Two Free Alexa Development Courses – More on the Way

A Cloud Guru has delivered a couple free courses for those interested in beginning or continuing their developing of Alexa skills. The series, called Alexa Devs, is delivered by ACG Technical Instructor Nick Triantafillou.

Here’s what’s available now:

Time: 22:46

In this pilot episode, Nick guides you through the creation of a simple fact skill using a sample template provided by AWS. You’ll establish an AWS developer account, learn about intents and utterances, create your first Alexa skill using the new Alexa Skills Kit SDK v2 for Node.JS, and link an AWS Lambda function to it.

Time: 15:44

In this lesson, you’ll learn to really engage your audience by adding custom MP3 audio files that play once your skill is invoked, how Alexa synthesizes speech using SSML, and how to use tags and Speechcons — special words and phrases that Alexa pronounces more expressively — to deliver a lifelike interactive experience.

Other topics on the way…

  • Build customer engagement with leaderboards and gamification
  • Use AWS services like Amazon DynamoDB to increase performance
  • Enhance your skill to work on devices with screens like Echo Show and Echo Spot


A free account is required to access the free courses.

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