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5 Reasons Why you Should buy a Pre-Built Integration Pack for SCORCH

Should you build your own Integration Pack or buy one?

To put it simply, it is cheaper and faster to buy a pre-built Integration Pack for System Center Orchestrator. Here are the five reasons why buying a pre-built Integration Pack for SCORCH is better than building your own.

1) What knowledge is needed to build an Integration pack for System Center Orchestrator?

Building Integration Packs require a detailed knowledge of APIs. You and your team must understand, in great detail, the Published API so that you know which methods to use to interact with the API and know how the results will be returned to you from the API.  Also, knowing if you need to generate a Web Service Security Key before you can interact with the Web Service API to insert or extract data.


2) How long does it take to build an Integration Pack?

The published APIs are difficult to understand, and will take a large investment in time and effort.

Adding testing to this, and bug fixes as you begin using your own built pack, it could be several months before a pack is completed and ready for a production environment.


3) Support – Updates and bug fixes

Published APIs often change when new versions of the third party product come out. Will your team have the time to be able to keep up to date with these new versions? And can they support bug fixes and other problems that come with an in-house solution. Another point to consider is who owns the responsibility of maintaining the integration. What if that person leaves your organization?

The process will begin all over again, as opposed to having a pre-built, supported integration that will be up-to-date with the latest versions.


4) The Pre-Built Integration Pack

The pre-built Integration Packs for System Center Orchestrator, are installed instantly into Orchestrator, and give you the desired activities right away. There is no need to worry about the complex API connection, supporting latest version, bug fixes.

The performance of a pre-built pack will be better than an in-house solution. With greater traffic going through a DIY pack, you will see the end to end performance drop as opposed to the scalable and robust pre-built solution.


5) Return on Investment

Will the time and effort spent by your team be greater than the cost of purchasing the Integration Packs? It probably will be. Therefore it makes sense to give yourself that instant connection to the third party tool, through orchestrator, using the pre-built integration pack, and have time to work on automating the IT Processes that the Integration Pack will allow you to.

Sean_Penotn_Blog_ProfileSean McCreesh is an Orchestrator enthusiast who has a great deal of experience with Microsoft System Center

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