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3rd Party patch management – Part 10

Hi All,

today is the last part of the secunia csi integration

after the installation, open the SCCM console as administrator

navigate to software library (note that there is a new node called Secunia)

expand the node and click configure and enter your credentials

if you havent configured the wsus, it is time (see the screenshots) and refer to Part 4 ( on how to import/export the certificate

After the configuration, it is time to deploy patches. Select the node patches

select the software update you want to deploy and click Create update package

follow the wizard (in this case i left all default settings) and at the end, click  ok for the package successfully created

after this, now it is time to sync the software update. If you don't do it, you'll not see the new product (see bellow screenshots before and after sync)

once the sync is done (you will see this on the logs), you have the new software into the all software updates and will be able to manage the same way.



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