Month: March 2019

Microsoft 365 update for March 2019

Based on CVP, Microsoft 365 Kirk Koenigsbauer’s monthly New to Microsoft 365 communication, Jim Naroski covers recent enhancement to Microsoft 365 and Office 365. See the companion blog for resources. Kirk Koenigsbauer blog: Companion blog:  

Microsoft News: March Updates for Office 365, Microsoft 365 Security and More

The Microsoft release cadence has become somewhat of a runaway train these days.  It’s near impossible to keep up with all the updates without help. Sometimes you need “just the facts”.  Microsoft is quite helpful in this regard and they sent us some news items (below).  In addition, they have their own blog site that is worth checking out to keep up with their cadence. One of the more exciting pieces of news revolves around the new features in Microsoft Teams.  One of the new features is the ability to replace your background during video chats.  You can put the company logo behind you or a cool picture or just blur the background.  Another new feature is support for an additional camera in Microsoft Teams Rooms so that you can show additional information (like analog wh...

Amazon Unveils Alexa Blueprints for Businesses

Last year Amazon delivered Alexa Blueprints, which allows anyone to quickly and create simple, personal skills based on template wizards. Later the company gave those same users the ability to publish their self-created blueprints as official Alexa skills that can be shared and used by anyone. Today, Amazon has unveiled “Private Skills,” which is essentially Alexa Blueprints for businesses. These Private Skills are voice-powered capabilities that enhance the Alexa experience while remaining private to members of an Alexa for Business organization. With Alexa for Business Blueprints, you don’t need to write a single line of code to create a private skill for your workplace. Select one of dozens of easy-to-use Skill Blueprints, add information such as common questions and a...

Microsoft MVPs Release 500-page “Inside Azure Management” eBook

If you’re looking for a good read this weekend – or rather, for the next few weekends – a few Microsoft MVPs have put together a free eBook that tops out over 500 pages. Called “Insider Azure Management” the book seeks to cover many of the latest monitoring and management features in Microsoft Azure. Assuredly, Azure changes frequently and some of the information may become dated over time, but delivered in this manner the book can be maintained and updated. Download: Inside Azure Management [e-book] Topics: Chapter 1 – Intro Chapter 2 – Implementing Governance in Azure Chapter 3 – Migrating Workloads to Azure Chapter 4 – Configuring Data Sources for Azure Log Analytics Chapter 5 – Monitoring Applications Chapter 6 – Monitor...

Office 365: Microsoft M/CSPs taking reporting and consumption into their own hands

It’s one thing to be a reseller, get an order for Office 365, and get your customer a portal set up and their users in the cloud. It’s another thing for those users to consume whole-heartedly the new set of communication and collaboration tools now placed at their fingertips. And without consumption, the need for higher priced license types (E3 for example) become an unnecessary expense. In addition, Office 365 doesn’t provide easy visibility into the ways an organization and its users are using Office 365. On the admin side there are PowerShell scripts you can run to gather intel and automate tasks to a degree, but let’s face it, PowerShell is more an old-school admins sandbox. Many Office 365 “admins” are office power users that have been “promoted” (so to speak) as caretakers of the Off...

Microsoft Wants to Hear About Your Windows Update Experiences

Dona Sarkar with the Windows Insider team at Microsoft is asking for help getting information from customers about their Windows Update experiences. This questions in this survey seem to indicate the company is looking to make changes in how it develops and distributes information about Windows Updates, so it’s a good thing to participate. There’s even a spot for additional comments – so go wild!   #WindowsInsiders: I know we may be kind of biased, but the Windows Update team would love your input on your Windows update experience. We’d really appreciate if you took 2 mins to let us know! — D:\ona\Sarkar (@donasarkar) March 27, 2019

myITforum Community: Help Us Help You and Get a Chance at a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Many of you have noticed that we’re busy building the next generation of  I know many of you are excited about seeing and this community restored to its original glory. And, while the tenets of a good community remain steeped in traditional values, time does change things. Time changes how people participate and interact in community and it alters the needs and requirements for solid community-driven content. In an effort to continue providing better and more relevant content for the community, we’re providing a very short, 4-question survey. This survey will help us better understand your role in your organization and the type of content that we need to focus on. To make it worth your while, we’re offering the first 500 responses an opportuni...

Microsoft Adds Firewall Support for Failover to Azure

Microsoft has now released the ability for customers to configure data replication from VMware/physical servers to Azure through a firewall. This function applies to Azure storage accounts that are configured with firewalls for virtual networks. Azure Site Recovery

Remote Desktop client on iOS Public Beta Update Available

Microsoft has delivered an updated beta for its Remote Desktop client for iOS devices. Here’s what’s new: Improved experience on the latest iOS devices. Support for the Swiftpoint GT and ProPoint physical mice. See the list of supported input devices for the iOS Beta client. Support for Windows Virtual Desktop. Microphone and iPhone storage redirection. AVC420 and AVC444 support. Metal HW acceleration support. Betas for iOS happen through Apple’s TestFlight app. Here’s how to get it and the Remote Desktop update: Join the Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta beta

Investigating Production Issues with Azure Monitor and Snapshot Debugger

In this episode, Isaac Levin joins us to share how the developer exception resolution experience can be better with Azure Monitor and Snapshot Debugger. The discussion talks about what Azure Monitor is and an introduction to Snapshot Debugger, and quickly goes into demos showcasing what developers can do with Snapshot Debugger.

Microsoft Turns Teams into a Live and On-demand Virtual Event Solution for Everyone

Microsoft today has announced general availability of a new component for its Teams software that allows anyone to scale out small, medium, and large virtual events. We are thrilled to announce that live events are now generally available in Microsoft Teams – enabling anyone to create live and on-demand events to reach large online audiences. Live events in Microsoft Teams enables you to schedule, produce, broadcast and record rich, interactive streaming content. Up to 10k attendees can join live from anywhere and across any device or watch on-demand at their convenience. Teams live capabilities competes directly with other solutions by including scheduling, audience engagement and feedback, and production controls. Details: Live events now generally available in Microsoft Teams  

Apple Adds Chromebook Support to Its Apple Music Android App

On Monday, Apple announced wide-ranging new and enhanced media services for music, TV/movies, and magazines. As part of that announcement, Apple seemed to show that it is open to building its footprint on non-Apple devices. For example, its new Apple TV service will be available as an Amazon Fire TV option. Another example comes in the form of an update for the company’s Apple Music Android app. An update to the app on Monday gives Google Chromebook users a much better Apple Music experience. If you have the app installed, it will update automatically. If you’ve yet to try Apple Music on a Chromebook, you can download it from the Google Play Store (if your Chromebook supports Android apps). Get it here: Apple Music 

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