Month: August 2015

Last Day to Request August’s Free SSRS Report

List of Services by Service Account Name is August’s free SSRS report, so make sure to email Info AT Enhansoft for your copy today! The List of Services by Service Account Name report will list all PCs with a particular service account name. This report is useful prior to deleting a service account or changing its password because you can proactively see what services on which servers will be affected before making any updates. In the example screenshot below, we can see that there are only two services using the account GARTEK\sm2012adm. Given this data we now know that if the account ID is deleted or the password is changed, we would also need to address these two services as part of this update. All of our reports have the Role-Based Administration (RBA) feature enabled. This means that...

Review – SAM Charter SAM Process Kit Version 2

I was wondering about all the recent buzz around the SAM Charter Process Kit v2. I recently reached out to Rory Canavan and asked if I could have a look for myself. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Generally, organizations become overwhelmed with the thought of implementing SAM. That’s why so many programs end up failing. They tend to quickly get bogged down when using existing SAM industry framework models. This kit provides an excellent starting point for SAM programs and includes the following: 22 Real-world processes are listed, well documented and include visual process maps. See the 4 images included later in this post for the Software Re-harvesting Process. Customizable visual process map templates can be purchased separately or bundled with the SAM Charter Process Kit v2...

Don’t Forget to Vote for Enhansoft’s Next Free SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report for the Month of September

The report choices in August’s poll are: Count of Mobile Device Operating Systems OR List of Backup States by Site, and so far the results are very close. Next week we’ll announce the winning/September’s free SSRS report! VOTE HERE! a) The Count of Mobile Device Operating Systems report shows a count of all mobile device operating systems (OS) for a given collection. This report will display OS information for both company and personal devices that access Exchange Server or are managed by Intune. It is useful to know the total number of OS because it can help you to better manage these mobile devices. In the full-feature set you can drill through from this report to List of Mobile Devices with a Specific OS which in turn will drill through to Mobile Device Details. b) The List of Backup St...

Register on Enhansoft’s New Website for Free Tools!

Register today! Use our VBScripts to create detailed documentation for: • System Center 2012 (R2) Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr 2012 / SCCM 2012) • System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (ConfigMgr 2007 / SCCM 2007) • Systems Management Server 2003 (SMS 2003) Use our new Report Reader tool to create a ConfigMgr 2012 report reader security role. Use the Logo Changer tool to remove the Microsoft branding from the built-in Configuration Manager SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports and replace it with your organizational branding. Also download PowerShell reports which are a companion to Sherry Kissinger’s PowerShell inventory blog post. Please ensure that you perform the sms_def.mof / client setting edits prior to installing these PowerShell reports. Keep checking back to our sit...

Attending IT/Dev Connections 2015? Here’s your mobile app

If you’re attending IT/Dev Connections 2015, you’ll definitely want to install the mobile app for your specific platform. You can use the app to build your schedule from the more than 190 technical sessions, view speaker bios, join Twitter chats, and take notes. Of interest this year, we actually have a Windows Phone app! This was actually a major request from last year. To find your platform, visit: Or, use the following links to visit your platform’s store directly… iOS: Android: Windows Phone:

Thinking about Cloud Adoption or already started? Learn the ins and outs from MVP Alessandro Cardoso

If your organization is currently planning a move to the Cloud or has recently made the move to the Cloud, then you will want to know all the details about Cloud Adoption: the challenges in deployment, management and automation phases. Savision in conjunction with Microsoft MVP Alessandro Cardoso, recently released two whitepapers focused on Cloud Adoption from two different perspectives: Business and Technical. The whitepapers provide you with tips and considerations to keep in mind before, during and after the process of adopting the Cloud, depending on your role within the organization. The Business whitepaper is entitled ‘Investing in the Cloud: Assessing IT & Business Requirements’. The Cloud approach addresses elastic scale, agility, costs and time to market, by allowing or...

PowerShell reference for Windows Containers now available

We have just published the PowerShell reference for Windows Containers in Windows Server 2016 TP3.

New Build of MDT 2013 Update 1 Coming to Fix Mounting Issues

The issues with MDT 2013 Update 1 are mounting  – seemingly at an alarming rate. Maybe it was released too soon. Maybe it wasn’t tested in enough real customer environments or in enough possible scenarios. Whatever the case, there’s quite a list of issues that are accumulating: MDT 2013 Update 1 Release Notes and Known Issues With the issue list growing, Microsoft is promising that a new build will be available in the coming weeks… Given the number of issues with this build we will release a newer build of MDT 2013 Update 1 in the next several weeks to address as many of these issues as we can.

Software Asset Management (SAM) Process Frameworks: The 12 Box Model

If you’ve read much of my content in the past, you know I’m all about SAM processes. There are currently two generally accepted frameworks within the SAM industry: ISO-19770 – Pros: Very comprehensive, vendor agnostic. Cons: With 28+ processes, it’s overly complicated to implement. Microsoft SAM Optimization Model (SOM) – Pros: Fewer competencies, easier to implement. Cons: Not comprehensive enough. Focused on desktop footprint, perpetual licensing and Microsoft specific software and immediate events (audits, true ups) and leaves out data center, non-Microsoft vendors, people and longer term processes to help sustain a SAM program. There is a new approach that I stumbled across recently, called the ITAM Review 12 Box Assessment Model (see the figure at the top of this article)....

Shortcut Keys for Windows 10

This guide lists shortcut keys that you can use from the desktop in Windows 10. Download:  

Automating OpsMgr Part 13: Creating 2-State Performance Monitors

In this post, I will demonstrate how to create a 2-State performance monitor.

Deploying OpsMgr 2016 TP3 with Minimum Windows Server GUI requirements

I spent my spare time this weekend trying to install each of the OpsMgr 2016 TP3 component on Windows Server 2016 TP3 with one principal – each component must be installed on a Windows Server OS with minimum supported GUI interface. In this post, I will go through my deployment experience.

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