Month: July 2015

Last Chance to Request July’s Free SSRS Report, Count of Services

Email Info AT Enhansoft for July’s free report TODAY! This is your last chance to request the Count of Services report. This report is useful in understanding how many PCs have a particular service installed on them. For example: As part of an upgrade project from McAfee to SCEP, you need to find out how many PCs still have McAfee service installed. This report will provide you with those numbers and therefore you will understand how many PCs need to be upgraded to SCEP. All of our reports have the Role-Based Administration (RBA) feature enabled. This means that if you are using System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, this report will work with all RBA clients. Don’t worry if you are not using SCCM 2012 R2 because you can still run this report as usual.

Supporting Windows 10 in Your Environment

Now that Windows 10 has been released to the public, it’s time to update your environment to support management and deployment of the new operating system.  Below are some of the common toolsets to consider updating, along with links to the relevant updates at release time and some notes. Shameless NinjaCat T-Rex Wallpaper Screenshot (A few ot these items are still pending release as of the Windows 10 public release, but they are expected in short order and I will update the post with the links as they become available.)   Group Policy Admin Templates – While the Windows 8.1 group policy templates contain a lot of the updated settings you might want for managing Windows 10, particularly if you’re moving from Windows 7, there are still some new settings specific to Wi...

Last Chance to Help Choose Enhansoft’s Next Free SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report for the Month of August

The report choices in July’s poll are: List of Services by Service Account Name OR Computer Mouse Details. VOTE HERE! Next week we’ll announce the winning report. a) The List of Services by Service Account Name report will list all PCs with a particular service account name. This report is useful prior to deleting a service account or changing its password because you can proactively see what services on which servers will be affected before making any updates. In the example screenshot below, we can see that there are only two services using the account GARTEKsm2012adm. Given this data we now know that if the account ID is deleted or the password is changed, we would also need to address these two services as part of this update. In the full-feature set you can drill through from this rep...

Cleaning Out Previous Windows ICD Projects

With the public release of Windows 10 today came the release of the updated Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 10.  With all the bugs in the preview releases of the Win10ADK, I was anxious to get the new one downloaded and installed.  After uninstalling the previous version and installing the new one, I launched the Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) tool…and was presented with all of the previous projects I had tested with earlier versions: One of the annoyances of the previous ICD versions was the fact that you can’t get rid of projects from the Recent Projects screen from within the tool once they’re created unless you delete the .icdproj.xml files for each of the projects, attempt to open them from the panel, and let ICD offer to...

Free Certifications

By Garth Jones My neighbor asked me to review the résumé of a newly graduated computer science student. Like most new grads, they don’t have a lot of experience in the IT world. In order for him to stand out from the crowd, I suggested that he get a few certifications under his belt. You might find this advice to be odd, especially when new graduates have little experience and not a lot of extra money. Brainbench, however, offers a number of free certifications. Why not give them a try? Please note that Brainbench’s exam list is always changing, so check back often for the most up-to-date information. Based on the current list, these are the exams that I suggested he take: · Computer Literacy (Windows 8.1) · MS SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services · MS SQL Server 2014 Programming · MS Window...

Windows 10 Compatibility: Clash of the Driver Titans

The new automatic update service for Windows 10 is at the center of the controversy, and a feature that was supposed to keep everyone’s PC safe and secure, may actually cause Windows 10 compatibility issues. And the worst part is that the Windows 10 update service cannot be stopped.

New myITforum Released in Public Preview

Just wanted to let you all know that we’ve rolled out the new myITforum into Public Preview. During this preview period we’ll be working non-stop to complete the refresh. There’s a bunch of new features packed in, and others we’re planning, and we’d love to see community testing and feedback given. Bug reports, suggestions, and comments can be posted to the official myITforum community group here: myITforum Bug reports, Suggestions and Comments

IBM License Management for Hot, Warm, and Cold Backup Servers

By John Emmitt As mentioned in the previous blog on this topic, I wanted to dive into the IBM vendor-specific case for managing licenses in hot, warm and cold backup servers. For its part, IBM has generally used the temperature based model for defining backup servers (Hot, Warm, and Cold). As described in the IBM Passport Advantage Distributed Software Licensing Guide: “In cold and warm situations, a separate entitlement for the copy on the backup machine is typically not required and no additional charge applies. In a hot backup situation, the customer must acquire license entitlements sufficient for that machine....

Business Case Tip: How Much Time Do Development Teams Save with InstallAnywhere?

For every development team in the world, time is at a premium. With the continuing competitive pressure to add cool features, many teams are choosing to automate basics like building installations with proven tools. But does it really save time? The answer is yes according to InstallAnywhere responses to a TechValidate survey. 25% of respondents indicated a time-savings of more than 20% and over half indicated a savings ranging from 15 to 25%. With a 25% savings in time, how many new features can you build? If you have a story about the time you gained by using InstallAnywhere, share...

SCCM 2012-SW Update Group for Reporting

Hi All, often, when i go to customers, i need to create and update a software update group for reporting so they can get a easy way to know if they are compliance with the deployed update groups… ps. you ay need to change the CategoryInstance_UniqueID to add the products and classifications you have in your environment. [crayon-55b17ac074f2c784731500/]  Read the complete blog:

The Four Files You Need to Remove from Configuration Manager’s Environment (Testing a Configuration Baseline Manually)

By Garth Jones Recently Dana Epp gave a presentation on how hackers can gain access to your environment and how ConfigMgr administrators can reduce these threats. To help get the word out, I promised Dana that I would write this blog post series, but to get more insight make sure to follow Dana on Twitter. In my previous blog posts about how to remove four specific files in order to reduce your environment’s vulnerability to outside threats, I showed you how to create a Configuration Item, a Configuration Baseline, and how to deploy this Configuration Baseline to all PCs. If you are impatient like me and do not want to wait for the results from deploying the Configuration Baseline, you can test this Baseline on your local computer. I do this often for troubleshooting purposes. 1. On your l...

Success Story: An Enterprise App Store Transforms the Business of Government

The organization faced a number of challenges with delivering applications to 13,000 users around the world. Their users did not know what software was available or what the license costs to the organization were, the manual process for requesting applications often took 4 to 8 weeks, and the manual license reclamation process they adopted to help control costs, was costing over $10,000 per year, and only covered a few of their most popular software assets.

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