Month: March 2015

Azure AD – PowerShell Script to Change UPN of All Users in a Group

Imagine that if users in a domain have a UPN suffix which is not a public domain, such as @company.local instead of  When those users synchronize into Azure AD for EMS, Intune, O365, etc., then the users’ UPNs will be instead of a friendly UPN for logging into portals or for enrolling […]

Code from my Session at the Northwest System Center User Group

Big thanks to the Northwest System Center User Group for hosting me at their March meeting. We had a great demo session to show how to use PowerShell with ConfigMgr. To enable ease of search, I’m posting the PowerShell code into this post. If you want all the code, you can download here. Demo 1 – Samples […]

Azure AD DS Sync Account Permissions – Replicating Directory Changes

Microsoft has a decent outline for getting started with setup of the Azure AD Sync tool.  One of the prerequisites is to prepare the AD account used for the synchronization of passwords is to grant it permissions for “Replicating Directory Changes” and “Replicating Directory Changes All”.  This blog post serves as a quick guide on how […]

Using an Enterprise App Store to Shine a Light on Shadow IT

Shadow IT represents the way that the business is making technology decisions independent of the internal IT support teams. With the adoption of cloud and SaaS-based applications, it has become very easy for the business to exclude IT in their technology planning, sourcing, and execution. We must look for ways to move faster. The only way to do this is to collaborate with the business in solving their problems. If we don’t, we will eventually be perceived as irrelevant and unable to provide value to the business. Here are a few strategies to assist in building the bridge and keeping the IT department relevant in the eyes of the business.

Just a Reminder…Webinars about New Installation Features

If time has slipped by and you haven’t looked at the webinars for InstallShield 2014 or InstallAnywhere 2014, here’s a reminder to catch up on the latest features that you might have missed. InstallShield 2014 What's New Webinar Installing web applications to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft IIS using Microsoft Web Deploy Designing DPE-aware installations for an optimized user experience Checking for the latest set up every time an installation is run, including from maintenance mode Developing upgrades that can detect the presence of multiple instances of a product Provisioning virtual machines from the InstallShield IDE for testing, including choosing test...

Azure AD Setup – Sync Service Account – Login Failure

When setting up Azure AD synchronization tools, such as Azure AD Connect, there is the option to specify an on-premise AD user/service account to be used for the local sync authentication.  During the setup wizard, you may encounter the error “Logon failure: the user has not been granted the required logon type at this computer” (image […]

Book dedicated to System Center Reporting

A new System Center book is set to publish this Friday March 27th. This one has me very excited because the focus is on reporting in System Center. And it is not just one or two System Center components they cover them all. This book dives in and gives you recipes’ as to how to […]

Microsoft Intune: Certificates for Microsoft Intune

Posted in IntuneExcellent post by fellow MVP Jason Sandys. When certs are needed or not needed can be quite confusing and Jason has done a nice job of explaining the topic. Read his full post here. Certificates needed for using Intune and managing devices can be a very confusing topic whether in a hybrid or standalone configuration. […]

Free ebooks from Microsoft Press

Posted in GeneralMicrosoftIf you haven’t seen this before, well here you go Really great list of free ebooks in various format (PDF, EPUB and Kindle) that covers a wide range of topics.  Download the books here. The current list is as follows: Microsoft System Center Deploying Hyper-V with Software-Defined Storage & Networking Microsoft System Center Software Update […]

ConfigMgr: Excluding Known Multi-Reboot Updates During a ZTI Deployment

Posted in CM2012ConfigMgrSCCMHere is a fantastic post by Cliff Jones (Microsoft Consulting Services) with a great solution to address the ever cumbersome multiple issue while executing a Task Sequence.  Read the full post here. Today’s blog post goes behind the scenes to talk about how to prevent installing all published Windows Update’s which require multiple reboots to […]

Microsoft SCCM – new version will be released to support Windows 10

Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of program management for Microsoft's Windows Server and System Center Group, recently gave a keynote address at the 2015 System Center Universe in Dallas. He assured the audience that Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is the on-premise PC management solution of choice for Miscrosoft

Certificates for Microsoft Intune

Certificates needed for using Intune and managing devices can be a very confusing topic whether in a hybrid or standalone configuration. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between hybrid and standalone, check out my previous post on this: Comparing the Two Modes of Microsoft Intune. To start with, in reality, Intune itself requires no certificates […] The post Certificates for Microsoft Intune appeared first on ConfigMgrFTW!.