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ConfigMgr – Why you need to implement DNS Scavenging

Interestingly, the topic of DNS scavenging came up on the MVP alias. Since it appears many client environments still have not yet enabled DNS scavenging, this article is dedicated to why you NEED to enable DNS scavenging. Before it is … Continue reading →

Comparing the Two Modes of Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is Microsoft’s cloud based device management solution. It can be deployed in one of two modes depending upon the exact requirements of an organization: stand-alone and hybrid. Before going into the comparison of these two modes, I need to clarify a couple of terms. Device: Any multi-purpose computer used by a user to […] The post Comparing the Two Modes of Microsoft Intune appeared first on ConfigMgrFTW!.

Predictable Application Delivery: Keeping Up with Application Virtualization and Mobile Application Management

Standardizing and automating the Application Readiness process for physical, virtual, and mobile apps enables more agile releases and consistent quality. Automating the entire process from request to installation of apps on the employees device, ensures a better user experience and removes the possibility of manual errors and delays from the process. Keeping software current not only reduces risk from threats, it also keeps employees happy and helps reduce their dependence on “Shadow IT”.

Selecting a Java Virtual Machine in InstallAnywhere

How do you select the right Java virtual machine (JVM) to run an InstallAnywhere installer, or any InstallAnywhere-installed Java application? That depends largely upon the settings in your InstallAnywhere project and the Java executables available on the end-user's system. The core of JVM selection is performed by InstallAnywhere's LaunchAnywhere technology. Its launchers can perform their own VM searches each time they run. It is also possible to: Bundle a VM with the installer to be used by the installer and, optionally, to be used by the launchers your installer deploys. (See "Bundling a VM with Your Installer" and "Customizing Individual...

Windows PowerShell DSC – classes – resource basics (part 2)

In part one of this miniseries I explained some principals around using the new class keyword in Windows PowerShell DSC resource modules. If you haven’t read that article yet, go find it here: This part 2 will concentrate on the enum keyword and the three main functions in each resource class. Enum -erate input One of the most important things in every script (no matter what language) is error handling. PowerShell and DSC is no exception here. For me, part of error handling is also to validate input  users can provide your script or application with. Enum is used to implement constant values inside of a variable. A limitation […]

What’s Difficult about Building Windows Installations? Here’s What Developers Said …

Let’s be honest. Building a software installation can cause some headaches. Requirements always changing. Distributed teams. Crazy deadlines. To find out the front line perspective, TechValidate asked InstallShield clients to rate their top software installer challenges before using InstallShield. Here’s what they said. Challenges Before InstallShield Top challenge: installers that work for their customers A close second: spending too much time on installs vs. new features Right up there: inability to create a true MSI installer Closely followed by: difficulties staying on top of new technologies The chart below offers the full results. Does this represent your InstallShield experience? InstallShield®...


When will Microsoft ever get Role Based Access (RBA) working for Automatic Detection Rules (ADRs)? I need to know that a server admin can make use of an ADR to setup his patches and that a workstation admin can't go in and edit the server ADRs. And vic...

Merge Modules Simplify Installation Development

Modular design has been around for centuries. This "building block" approach provides reusable components that save project time. Merge Modules are essentially installer sub-projects that can be created independently of one another and later merged together. Each module is a collection of complete installation functionality. Reusable Developers can easily create suite installers, subinstallers, and templates, delivering reusability from project to project, within development teams, across the enterprise, or from third-party providers. Benefits Merge Modules provide many benefits for complex installations. For instance: Combine several Merge Modules from different products to create a “Suite Installer” Independent development teams in different locations...

ConfigMgr 2012 R2 support for SQL Server 2014

ConfigMgr 2012 R2 does support SQL Server 2014, but only if it had been installed with SQL Server 2012, then upgraded to SQL Server 2014. The interesting part arises, what if you have to perform a restore of ConfigMgr 2012 … Continue reading →

SCU2015 Resources

As promised during my Enterprise Security with Configuration Manager session at System Center Universe last Wednesday, here are the two compliance settings scripts (health and remediation) to validate and enforce a specific, non-trivial local admin group membership policy. These were created with a very specific set of rules and requirements in mind (listed on slide 13 of the session […] The post SCU2015 Resources appeared first on ConfigMgrFTW!.

Localizing Your Installation Text in Multiple Languages

Today’s global economy means that your product’s reach may expand across the country or across the world. Although you may not be able to translate your installation into every language, you can localize your installation text into 35 languages using InstallShield Premier. Follow along as InstallShield Product Manager Ken Hilker shows you how to add multiple languages to an installation in the YouTube video demo, “InstallShield: MSI Languages.” InstallShield® is the world's leading Windows installation development solution. InstallShield is designed to enable development teams to be more agile, collaborative and flexible when building reliable InstallScript and Windows Installer MSI installations...

SCU 2015 – Top 10 ConfigMgr 2012 Issues – SQL Content Links

Kent Agerlund and Johan Arwidmark; aka Robin and Batman (below) presented a great list of top 10 ConfigMgr 2012 Issues at the System Center Universe 2015 event in Irving, TX. Appreciated the shout out to my blog for a few … Continue reading →

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