Month: January 2015

Ignore Ignite?

At our last user group meeting we discussed the inevitability of the cloud in IT and what that would mean for the future of IT Pros. One thing we all agreed on was that knowing PowerShell was probably the best investment of time right now for hope of having a meaningful job down the road (and heck, really today). It was also rather clear that for most attendees, we still have a hard time just doing today's job and continue to look for help via our user group and conferences. Microsoft Ignite came up and few seemed interested in attending. Why not? Ignite is seen more as a crowded marketing show where a search shows 91 sessions listed for System Center (but that is a cloudy list) with crowded hotels and daily busing in needed. But we have so many better options today: MMS is right here at...

Boot image selection in ConfigMgr

Boot image selection during PXE in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) is something that comes up from time to time in the forums as well as every-day discussions. This can be quite confusing to explain or comprehend in normal language even though it’s truly not that difficult once you get it. The logic for boot […] The post Boot image selection in ConfigMgr appeared first on ConfigMgrFTW!.

System Center Universe (SCU) 2015

System Center Universe (SCU) 2015 is almost here. Check out the new video on the homepage or YouTube and the location of the many watch parties. Can’t make it in person? No worries, watch the live stream via Microsoft’s Channel 9. The post System Center Universe (SCU) 2015 appeared first on ConfigMgrFTW!.

UI++ Bugfix: version

UI++ A few folks stumbled onto a bug right out of the gate with the latest build: the inability for UI++ to launch properly if the WLAN feature was not present in the OS like in WinPE or Windows Server. This update fixes this issue. The post UI++ Bugfix: version appeared first on ConfigMgrFTW!.

Quick tip: Excluding times in SCO Monitor Date/Time

If your System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator runbooks are triggered using the Monitor Date/Time activity, it may be necessary at times to exclude another specific time.  In a recent scenario for a customer, there was the risk of two related (but disparate) runbooks conflicting with each other.  Their schedules each had them running at the […]

Action-Packed CTSMUG meeting on February 5th – Registration is Open!

We have a great meeting planned for February 5th – register now! Here are 3 days of System Center that you need to attend: February 4th – System Center Universe – You can register in person for attending in Dallas, or join us at the Microsoft office (in the arboretum) for the simulcast. We will have […]

UI++ Released

The major new addition is the Preflight action enabling checks in the task sequence to help prevent the task sequence from proceeding based on the current state of the system. Info fields on the Input action, group membership detection for an authenticated user, a few additional detections, and few UI tweaks are also included. For […] The post UI++ Released appeared first on ConfigMgrFTW!.

Folder Size Inventory Using ConfigMgr

One more script to help inventory the size of a specified set of folders (or just a single folder if that’s all you are interested in) using ConfigMgr. Similar to my other inventory scripts, this is a VBScript that needs to be run on the target systems. This can be done using a package and […] The post Folder Size Inventory Using ConfigMgr appeared first on ConfigMgrFTW!.

T-SQL Tuesday #62 – Healthy SQL

 SQL Health Checks Healthy SQL is an important topic… I’ve gotten involved in a number of SQL health checks and would like to share some of the key methodology, metrics investigated and tools/utilities used. There are at least two main … Continue reading →

SQL Server Inventory Using ConfigMgr

Here’s a script to gather complete SQL Server inventory information using ConfigMgr. I’ve tested and used it to gather information on SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012. I haven’t tested it on 2014 explicitly, but it should work fine. Note that Sherry already has a series of mof edits posted at Installed SQL05, SQL08, SQL12, SQL14 […] The post SQL Server Inventory Using ConfigMgr appeared first on ConfigMgrFTW!.

Script to delete any Drive:smspkg*.pck files of the specified file age

There are many scripts and examples out there for cleaning up PCK files.  The below script is my rendition to cleanup PCK files that are older than the specified number of days.  This script can be executed via a package in ConfigMgr on systems that are a DP.  Oh and I added some basic logging […]

Rollback procedure for SQL Server updates

As a follow-up to the post, how to install a service pack for a SQL Server cluster, it is important to have the ability to roll back an update. Fortunately, Microsoft has made this process fairly easy. The following process … Continue reading →