Month: May 2013

Last Chance to Get May’s Free Report – List of All PCs Installed Within the Last Week

This is it! The last day in May to request this month’s free SSRS report, so make sure to send an email to Info at Enhansoft. List of All PCs Installed Within the Last Week will provide you with the most recent PC installation activity. This information will allow you to troubleshoot client installation issues, or it can help you to monitor the installation process during a mass migration over a period of time. Please Note: If any imaging, such as Windows Imaging format (WIM) or Ghost, was used then the install date might be listed as the date the image was created and not the actual install date of a particular PC. In the full-feature set this report will drill through to a further report, Computer Operating System Details. List of All PCs Installed Within the Last Week is from our Operat...

Quick tip when integrating Windows Intune & DirSync with ConfigMgr 2012 SP1

As an Enterprise Client Manager you need to of course use the Windows Intune integration in Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 to be able to manage also your mobile devices next to all other Windows, Unix, Linux and MAC OS-X devices. When setting up Dirsync to synchronize the active directory account to Windows Azure Active Directory, you need to configure the administrator account to get access to this service. After 90 days the password of this account will expire by default and the synchronization will fail since you need to change the password. Read the complete blog here:

Deploy a LOB “Modern” Windows 8 Application: Part 1

The introduction of Windows 8 brought a whole new type of application. This application was first known as “metro”, and now “modern”. These applications are designed for tablets and touchscreens. This will be a two-part series on these new apps. This part will be an introduction to these new apps, the difference between desktop and modern apps, and sideloading apps vs. using AD. Introduction to Modern Apps When an application comes with both a modern and desktop interface, it is actually two versions of the software running on your computer. Take Internet Explorer, for example. If you open it from the Start Menu, this launches the modern version, while launching it from the desktop launches the desktop version. If you bookmark a website in the modern version, it does not show up in the des...

Capturing Application Settings after Install

One of the biggest challenges in application deployment is modifying settings post-install. These “settings” can include customizing application preferences, tying the application to a data source, activating the software, or accepting the EULA. This article will explore where to find these settings and how to deploy them as part of your deployment. These processes are system-agnostic, meaning that they will work whether you use group policy for software deployment, System Center Configuration Manager, KACE, or any other desktop management solution. As a disclaimer, please ensure that your license agreement allows you to accept the EULA for a product or activate it for multiple machines. If your agreement does not allow this, then do not automate these processes. This article will contain ...

Top 5 Benefits for using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1

Kent Agerlund, a long time myITforum’er and ConfigMgr MVP, has written up a good piece on the top 5 features that SP1 brought to ConfigMgr 2012.  Included in the list is the support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, Windows PowerShell, and platform and infrastructure changes. Read the full article: Top 5 Features in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1

Select TechEd 2013 Sessions Available for Live Streaming

In addition to streaming Brad Anderson’s keynote from TechEd 2013, there are a few, select sessions that will also be made available for live streaming throughout the event week. The following table lists the sessions that you can watch live, sitting at your desk at work.  They will all be streamed from the Channel 9 site:   Timeslot Title Speaker 6/3 11:00-12:00 Transform the Datacenter with Server and Management Innovations from Microsoft Jeff Woolsey; Jeffrey Snover 6/3 01:15-2:30pm Windows Server Session to be Announced (See Online Catalog for Details) Jeff Woolsey 6/3 03:00pm-4:15pm APTs: Cybercrime, Cyber Attacks, Warfare and Threats Exposed Hasain Alshakarti; Marcus Murray 6/3 04:45pm-6:00pm Windows Server Virtualization Session to be Announced (See On...

Watch Brad Anderson’s TechEd 2013 Keynote Live

On Monday, June 3rd (8:30am CDT), Brad Anderson will be keynoting TechEd 2013. For those attending TechEd 2013, I highly recommend showing up to listen.  Brad does a great job and there are many new product and service announcements to be made.  If you attended MMS 2013 and felt robbed (some did!) because there weren’t a lot of new announcements during the keynote, TechEd is the event where Microsoft will catch up on public news announcements.  There’s been a lot of press over Windows 8.1, but don’t be surprised if the System Center Suite gets it’s own “blue” announcements. If you are not attending TechEd 2013, you can still watch Brad give his keynote by watching the live stream. Register here:  TechEd North America Live Stream P.S. Here’s a secret tip: Its actually a better experience, m...

Reminder to VOTE for June’s Free SSRS Report

Which report will become June’s free report? VOTE HERE! Will it be: Computer SQL Details OR List of PCs by Disk Description? If you want List of PCs by Disk Description to win you might want to get your friends and family to vote too because it is well behind Computer SQL Details in the voting!

Hotfix Watch: Site Assignments failing for ConfigMgr 2012 SP1

Microsoft has released a hotfix to fix an issue where an ampersand or other nonalphanumeric characters in the 3rd party root CA could cause site assignments to fail. KB and Hotfix are here: FIX: Site assignments do not work in a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager site environment

Attending TechEd 2013 North America? Get a Surface RT Dirt Cheap

I posted an announcement earlier on our sister site, Windows IT Pro. Microsoft has an awesome deal on Surface RT’s and Surface Pro’s if you’re attending TechEd 2013 in New Orleans. Microsoft is already providing a full retail store onsite at TechEd, but today announced blow-out pricing for those wanting/needing a Microsoft Surface. Details here:  Microsoft Surface Blow-out Sale for TechEd 2013 Attendees

In preparation for a new release, Veeam is giving away a bevy of goodies

Veeam is getting ready to release Veeam Backup and Replication version 7, and to help sweeten the deal, they are giving away the following goodies: ThinkPad W530 with Windows 8 Pro ThinkPad Battery 28++ Lenovo USB 2.0 Port Replicator with digital video ThinkPad USB 3.0 750GB portable secure hard drive Lenovo Slim USB portable DVD burner Veeam, VMware and Microsoft software! Just register to win here: Win the Ultimate Mobile Virtualization Lab

Software Asset Management – Are YOU Part of the “One Percent?”

Love it or hate it, the term “One Percent” has taken on prodigious meaning in the English vernacular. In fact, it’s difficult to utter these words without stirring up political fervor of one kind or another. But today I’m going to borrow this term to apply to an “elite” group that is near and dear to my heart: No, not the “One Percent” of Americans who comprise our country’s wealthy elite—rather, the “One Percent” of companies who are reaping the full benefits of software asset management (SAM). As a vendor that focuses on providing license management software to enterprises, I will freely admit that we rely upon those striving to be in the “One Percent” to invest in technology like ours. Not only do they understand the importance of SAM, but they can clearly articulate its value and will—...

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