Month: April 2013

Email alias for the “other” System Center products docs

For years, those that work with ConfigMgr have known about the email alias as a vehicle to make suggestions, ask questions, and report bugs about the ConfigMgr documentation.  But, did you know there’s another email alias for the other System Center apps (i.e., Service Manager, Operations Manager, Orchestrator, etc.)? If you have suggestion, questions, or want to report bugs for the “other” System Center product docs, use this email alias:

Hyper-V Storage Enhancements & What they Mean for Users

Part 1: Overview By Lawrence Gavin, Head Geek, SolarWinds®, Virtualization & Storage Management Storage management will likely be the most important near-term consideration for organizations looking to invest in virtualization. The importance here is to select the correct storage methodology for the virtualization environment being built (there are more choices available today than there were five years ago), and to ensure that the correct management tools exist for managing both the storage infrastructure and the hosts and virtual machines utilizing those services. More to the point, the key is to not get locked into the wrong storage methodology. Many VMware® environments started off as large-scale clustered environments and are typically backed by SANs. Hyper-V environments, on the ...

myITforum’er highlighted in latest Frigidaire campaign

This is just too cool.  You’ve met Paul Gonzalez either here on the site, in the email lists, as the drummer for Pablo Palooza at the myITforum party a couple years ago, or at MMS, but you may not have met his wife, Joan.  You can catch glimpses Paulie in this latest Frigidaire video, but it’s really about Joan. There’s some great shots of Paul and Joan’s kitchen where many of have been during the yearly Palooza event in Paul’s backyard, but I’ve also had the pleasure of eating right there with my good friends. Plus…watch toward the end.  I can’t believe they hired that many “friends” to take part in the commercial. The video link: The full Frigidaire product page:

5 Tips for Building an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Quick plug for a webinar I just completed today. You can see the recording here: Marco..

Ask the Experts at Ottawa IT Camp

By Garth Jones I am hosting the Ask the Experts panel session at the Ottawa IT Camp this Saturday May 4th at 3:30 p.m. Unlike other Ask the Experts sessions, I plan to have some fun with it. Can you say twitter races?! Or, what about funny hats?! You can see the fun via twitter; watch for the hashtag #OttITCamp Currently our panel of experts are: ·        Islam Gomaa ·        Brad Bird ·        Sean Kearney ·        Marc Gagne There may even be a surprise guest or two. I hope that you can make it out on Saturday. For more details please see the Ottawa IT Camp webpage.

Did you miss MMS 2013? IT Connections is the next best thing

Part of my new role at our sister site,, is helping manage content and speakers for IT Connections.  Historically, IT Connections has been a community conference that focuses on general IT topics, much like TechEd. This year, due to my involvement, we are beefing up the content to ensure that the true topics facing IT today are covered.  That means you will see a LOT of content covering Windows Deployment, System Center, Windows Azure, Windows Intune, and the Cloud.  It also means, as the content catalog is put together, that you’ll recognize a LOT of the speakers. <hint, hint>  For example, who do you think would be the absolute best speaker to cover Windows Deployment?  I’ll not give anything away yet, but suffice to say, if you missed MMS 2013, you’ll definitely w...

Wally Mead Tells All! BYOD, System Center SP1 & MMS 2013

Wally Mead gave a pre-MMS 2013 webcast on BYOD, System Center Configuration Manager SP1, and talked about bit about the upcoming MMS 2013 event.

Last Chance to Request April’s Free SSRS Report!

Today is the last day to request this month’s free report, Count of Adobe License Types. This report is from our Adobe category of reports. It is worth about $200, but only in April it’s free! So, don’t forget to send an email to Info at Enhansoft to request it. All of our free SSRS reports are from Enhanced Web Reporting – EWR and integrate with SCCM 2012 and SCCM 2007. Count of Adobe License Types As its name suggests, this report will return an overall count of your Adobe retail and volume license types.     

DevOps and Application Readiness

By Steve Schmidt DevOps has become an increasingly hot topic. It was covered in the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2013 keynote as well as in a variety of sessions at that event, and has been in the news with recent acquisitions made by IBM and CA, and earlier acquisitions by BMC. DevOps is a general concept, defined as: DevOps is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and information technology (IT) professionals. DevOps is a response to the interdependence of software development and IT operations. It aims to help an organization rapidly produce software...

Upcoming PowerShell event starring Jeffrey Hicks

PowerShell 3.0 continues to build on the solid foundation of PowerShell 2.0. Today, IT Pros have a set of even more powerful tools to add to their admin toolbox. If you’re wondering about all the fuss surrounding PowerShell 3.0, PowerShell MVP and author Jeffery Hicks will enlighten you. In this session, he will share with you his favorite PowerShell 3.0 commands and demonstrate why you should be managing your environment with PowerShell today. Date:  Wednesday, May 22, 2013 Time:  2:00pm EST Register:  PowerShell 3.0: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Last Chance to Vote for May’s Free SSRS Report

VOTE HERE! Hurry and make sure to vote for your favorite report in this month’s survey. The winning report will become May’s free SSRS report. The voting is extremely close. List of All PCs Installed Within the Last Week is leading, but with only 55% of the vote! Will the winner be: Count of Office Release Types (Office 2010) OR List of All PCs Installed Within the Last Week? Stay tuned because on Wednesday we will announce May’s free SSRS report.

Collection Commander for Configuration Manager 2012

A first beta of Collection Commander for Configuration Manager 2012 is now published on Collection Commander for CM12 is an extended version of the recently released Patch Monitoring Tool for CM12. It does use the SCCM Client Center Automation Library (which requires WinRM) as core, but can also  run custom powershell commands against multiple systems. If you are missing some commands, please report your wishes on the project page. Installing the CM12 Console Extension (right click option): – run “CMCollCtr.exe /Install” to install the right click option Usage: – right click a Collection in CM12 and select “Collection Commander…”, or copy and paste computernames on the tool. – the tool will automatically ping al...