Month: March 2013

Ping Transport Failed with Error 1231

Recently I was helping a friend with her laptop which suddenly stopped connecting to the Internet, despite that the wireless networking could see and successfully connect to wireless hotspots. In further troubleshooting, I noticed that the correct IP address range (192.168.0.x) was not handed out by the router’s DNS. Furthermore, when attempting to ping the [...]

System Center Management Pack for Windows Server DNS released with Windows Server 2012 support

A couple notes about this new MP.  This MP replaces the previous DNS Management Pack completely and is NOT backwards compatible. They can run side-by-side, until you feel comfortable enough to uninstall the old one. And, despite the release date on the page suggesting there are actually 39 days in March, it was actually released on March 29, 2013. I’m sure they’ll get around to fixing that soon! The System Center Management Pack for Windows Server DNS monitors DNS health, availability, configuration, security, and zone-transfer issues on DNS servers running the Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems. Download the MP and the guide here:  System Center Management Pack for Windows Server DNS

Video Series: Service Manager – Data Warehouse and Reporting

Microsoft has released this excellent video series talking to the data warehouse capabilities of Service Manager.  Our buddy Travis Wright (who you’ll see at MMS 2013) provides the presenter services. Overview In this module you will learn about the System Center 2012 SP1 Service Manager (SCSM) Data Warehouse (DWH) and reporting. The DWH is used to store large amounts of data about the datacenter and services in a way that does not impact production systems, and this can be used generate rich reports. After learning the basics of the DWH and how to create reports, you will see how this data can be extended and modeled in Excel to take advantage of features such as PowerPivot.  Finally you will learn about different ways to present the data through SharePoint so that it can be consumed by a...

New poster detailing networking in VMM 2012 SP1

Check out this poster that Microsoft has just released.  It’s a great graphical representation of the networking requirements for Virtual Machine Manager, allowing you to either peruse electronically or print out and hand on your wall.  Note that the electronic (PDF) version contains hyperlinks to learn more about the abbreviated topics. This poster for VMM in System Center 2012 SP1 can help you: Plan your VMM networks using a logical view of VM networks, logical networks, and logical switches using a variety of configurations including VLAN-based configuration, no isolation, network virtualization, external networks, and with no virtual networking. Configure networking in VMM using configuration steps by roles including fabric administrators, tenant administrators, or by any user. Underst...

Win a free pass to VMworld 2013 from Veeam

Veeam recently ran a drawing, giving away a free pass to TechEd 2013.  Now, they are offering a free pass to VMworld 2013.  Depending on where the winner is located, the pass provided gives the winner a trip to either San Francisco or Barcelona. Register to win here:  VMworld 2013 from Veeam

Blank Sunday sessions issue fixed for the MMS 2013 Schedule Builder

You may have noticed that when choosing the .ics calendar option in the MMS 2013 Schedule Builder that no Sunday sessions were being listed.  This has now been fixed! If you’ve already downloaded the .ics and you want to fix this, remove the existing .ics file and then download it again from the Schedule Builder.  The Sunday session will now appear in your calendar.

Must-have app for MMS 2013 and TechEd 2013

I mentioned a while back that the recorded sessions for MMS 2013 will be handled by Channel 9 this year and made available for viewing on that site.  Well, Channel 9 just released a new Windows 8 app that runs on both Windows Pro and Windows RT.  The app gives you an interface with direct access to all the Channel 9 content, but there’s also a special Events section where you’ll find the MMS 2013 and TechEd 2013 session replays.   The app is downloadable from the Windows Store here: Channel 9 app for Windows in the Windows Store  

Nifty new RSS options in Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook has had a RSS Reader built into it for some time.  A lot of folks opt for a more fancy Reader for their RSS news, but I’ve always maintained that Outlook is simple enough to use, and if you spend the majority of your day working in Microsoft Outlook like I do, it’s a perfect Reader.  The RSS Reader, however, hasn’t changed much over the years, and while the function of the Reader hasn’t changed much in Outlook 2013, there’s a few nifty new options that I stumbled on recently.  Each new option is available by right-clicking on a downloaded RSS article.   1 – Share This Feed The first new option shown in the graphic above is the ability to Share a single feed.  In the past, if you wanted to share a feed, you had to go through a long process of choosing the feeds to sha...

Orchestrator at MMS 2013

In the recent MyITForum poll it appears everyone wants to find out about Orchestrator at MMS 2013. Well good news, come and find about Orchestrator from the experts. Kelverion to exhibit at Microsoft Management Summit 2013 We will be exhibiting again this year at the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas from 8th April – 11th April 2013, come and join us at booth 644 to discuss Orchestrator.  With previous attendees rating Orchestrator highly as a solution they want to learn about this year we encourage delegates to pre-book time slots to discuss your project or challenges with Orchestrator in advance. Please email to reserve your time. You can find Kelverion at Booth number 644.  Mor...

Infographic: What not to wear to an interview

First impressions.  They count for everything.  How you look, how you dress, how you carry yourself – all play into the feeling people get about you the first time they meet you.  Job interviews are really no different.  When you are scheduled to interview for a job it’s a good idea, as a first step, to do a little research about the company.  These days, with social media, it’s a lot easier to get a sense about a company and it’s employees if you know where to look.  But, one of the things you can’t identify quickly is what to wear for the interview. This Infographic gives you a general overview of what TO wear and what NOT to wear so that you’ll make a great impression as you enter the interview office. Compiled By: Rasmussen College

Community Server and BOT registrations

UPDATED: Script modified to log resultsSpam. Spam. Spam. Here at WMUG we see a lot of Bots trying to register an account with us so they can get in and spam the site silly. For most website administrators it is an on-going chore separating out the wheat from the chaff so to speak, telling the real registrations apart from the fake ones. When we started up the User Group there was hardly any bot spam, but gradually over the years it built up; We were manually keeping on top of the account registrations, but it was becoming a time consuming and annoying chore. We run Community Server on our web server which runs the Windows Management User Group website. I decided to do something about the build up of bots and had a look around, found a CAPTCHA plug-in and dropped it onto the registration pa...

Last Reminder–March’s Free SSRS Report is Collection Dashboard

You only have until March 31 to send an email to Info at Enhansoft to request this month’s free SSRS report: Collection Dashboard This report, from our Dashboard Collection of reports, is worth about $200, but only in March it’s free! All of our SSRS reports integrate with SCCM 2012 and SCCM 2007. March’s free report is designed to mimic the Collection Dashboard report found within the Configuration Manager Console with one key difference: Our report will show you all collections including all sub-collections. Here’s a Sample Screenshot: Early next week we’ll announce April’s free SSRS, so don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite report! Will the winner/April’s free report be Count of Adobe License Types or List of PCs by Service?