Month: February 2013

Download a step-by-step user guide for the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service center

Just released, this user guide shows step-by-step instructions for how to register, view account details, download products and more from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). It also includes screenshots, technical support information, and a glossary. Download:  Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) User Guide (3.8m)

System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager – Mobility Support Overview

Kevin Remde welcomes back  Sr. Technical Product Manager Martin Booth for Part 2 of their System Center 2012 SP1 for Windows 8 series and in today’s episode they discuss device support improvements made in Configuration Manager as well as improvements to support user mobility. [1:58] What has improved in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to support new devices running Windows 8? [3:38] Can Configuration Manager manage non-Windows based devices as well? [4:25] How does System Center 2012 better support the mobile user?

Plan your MMS 2013 Expo trek

Each year of MMS, to help you navigate the horde of vendors in the Expo, and to give you something to carry with you for marking up and taking notes, we provide a diagram for the MMS expo.  The opening reception for the MMS expo is all about getting SWAG, but you can use the graphic here, and the downloadable document to keep tabs on the booths you want to plan to make sure to visit. Grab the PDF:  MMS 2013 Expo Vendor Locations (349k) Click for the larger view…

Surface Pro tip: Adjusting the default sound output level

I made my first real trip with the Surface Pro in tow this week.  I’ve taken it with me since purchasing it, but not on a plane ride.   As expected, you really have to proactively manage your power consumption for the Surface Pro, but I’ll get to that in another post.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about concerning the Surface Pro power issues, take a read through:  Surface Pro vs. Surface RT: An honest comparison.  I’ll provide some power management tips soon. During my first trip there was something that I noticed that I didn’t expect, though.  Due to the noise of air travel (crying babies on board, plane engine sounds, passengers talking too loud in the row ahead and behind, and the whoosh of the stale air nozzle overhead, etc.) you really need a good sound system which includes ...

MAC Address report

For full details please see:   SELECT     A.Name0,     B.SerialNumber0 ,     A.Manufacturer0,     A.Model0,     C.Name0 ,     D.TotalPhysicalMemory0 ,     sum(E.Size0) ,     F.MACAddress0 ,     F.IPAddress0 ,     G.AD_Site_Name0 ,     A.UserName0 ,     H.Caption0 ,     H.CSDVersion0,     G.Creation_Date0 ,     I.LastHWScan--, --    BL.DriveLetter0, --    BL.ProtectionStat...

Last Day to Request February’s Free SSRS Report

This is it – the last day to request List of PCs by Month and Advertisement Status. We have received so many requests for this report, so make sure to send an email to Info at Enhansoft to get your copy today! This report, from our Dashboard Collection of reports, is worth $200, but only in February it’s free! All of our SSRS reports integrate with SCCM 2012 and SCCM 2007. List of PCs by Month and Advertisement Status will provide you with a list of PCs with a certain status (Accepted – No Further Status, Cancelled, Failed, No Status, Succeeded, Waiting, Reboot Pending, and Otherwise) during a particular 30-day period. This report is useful when you are troubleshooting an advertisement or when you are trying to understand the level of effort that the System Center Administrator has p...

Join myITforum in a 5k run at MMS 2013

On April 11th, 2013 – that Thursday morning of MMS 2013 – we are planning to participate in a 5k run in Las Vegas, right before conference breakfast (race starts at 7:30am).  We would love it if you would either join our team or donate to the Mission 500 cause.  I know a lot of you are avid runners and aspiring athletes.  A lot of you have made exercise and proper diet a big part of your life over the last couple years.  It’s important.  Enough that we’ve created our own support group here on myITforum called IT Fit. Personally, I run quite a bit and am always looking to participate in something worthy.  Mission 500 is providing a great opportunity to test your running skills in Las Vegas and at the same time give aid to today’s children in need. You can get the full scoop on why we are pa...

myITforum booth number update for MMS 2013

Just wanted to give all of you a heads-up that our booth number has changed for MMS 2013.  Microsoft has expanded the number of Expo vendors a bit this year, so we’ve been moved a bit.  We were originally in booth #741, but now we will be in booth #743.  This will change your plans a bit for blasting past all of those attempting to get a ticket to the myITforum party.  We don’t have the updated Expo graphic yet, but will post that soon. Can’t wait!  MMS 2013 is coming, and coming quickly.

Update Center for Microsoft SQL Server

After a lot of time searching for the latest SQL Server service pack and latest CU (Cumulative Update) for different flavors of SQL Server I found the following: Update Center for Microsoft SQL Server

SSRS Tip – Formatting data as a percent

Formatting data within SSRS is fairly easy, for each field there is a format property. By referencing and applying the standard format strings (link below), converting data to something like a percent is simple. The percent is symbolized by a “P” . This reporting case was a little different, as the data was provided as [...]

Scrubbing Monitor Data From PCs

By Suzanne Tighe Do your PCs have an over-abundance of monitor data? Well mine do because I use my PCs for testing purposes! If you also have this problem, you can use Monitor Information Reporting – MIR Version 4’s scrub feature which allows you to clean out all the history and it gives you an accurate view of what monitors are current. For this example, I’m using CM12-CLEAN which is my test lab machine but, MIR Version 4’s scrub feature will work on any OS from Server 2000 to Server 2012. Here you can see that I have 5 pages of monitor information in the following report: To use MIR Version 4’s scrubbing feature, all I do is simply go to the Tools menu and click “Scrub Registry Display,” and voila! Notice there is only one page of results! If you want to check-out this feature and ...

PXE on remote DP’s failed after upgrade to ConfigMgr 2012 SP1

This week I upgraded a production environment of Configuration Manager 2012 to Service Pack 1. After the upgrade our 4 remote Distribution Points failed to service PXE. It seemed that the Windows Deployment Service was not able to start. Looking at the local event viewers learned me that several errors like event id 257, 259 and 264 were there which pointed me to an issue described here where the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable on the remote distribution points were missing. Unfortunately it did not work out for me since both the x86 and x64 version of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable were already in place. Everything else was just working great and health after the upgrade was finished. Read the complete blog here: