Month: October 2012

October 2012's ConfigMgr doc updates are live, lots of SP1 goodness

Wow…what an update.  Too many to just list off here, the docs team has been extremely busy.  Key to the update is the many, many updates centered around SP1 for ConfigMgr 2012.  As SP1 gears up for a launch early next year, the docs are the best way to stay on tap with the new features that are coming. Read the entire list of updates: Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for October 2012

A Hot One: Update causes WSUS or ConfigMgr admin to re-download huge number of updates

I was poked a bit ago to make sure that you are all aware of this issue since it’s effecting a LOT of WSUS and ConfigMgr customers.  So, take this as a notice and a warning so you understand exactly what is going on. I’ll repost here to make sure the information is readily available, but make sure that you check out the original post to ensure you have the most up-to-date information and relative support links. Original post:  Support Tip: Many new revisions of updates may be downloaded by the WSUS server Repost: Microsoft released an update for Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) on Tuesday the 10th of October 2012. This update will allow servicing of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 which require more secure signatures. Due to this change, new revi...

How to create, find, and use screen captures on the Microsoft Surface

Not quite the easiest information to locate, you can perform screen captures on the Microsoft Surface.  I’ll break this up into three sections. How to perform the screen capture, where to find your captured images, and then how to manipulate them. How to create a screen capture Creating a screen capture is quick and easy, but even if you do it right you may not believe it actually happened because there’s no notification, only a darkening of the screen upon success.  So, do this: On the Microsoft Surface, hold the physical Windows key (the slanted Window on the front of the Surface) while pressing the physical volume-down button (on the left-hand side of the tablet).  NOTE: The keys on the keyboard do not perform this function.  The keys you want to use are the ones on the actu...

All System Center Suite 2012 books currently available

In our Tech Books community group, we’ve created a new Wiki page that keeps track of the all System Center Suite 2012 related books.  All found books are currently listed with publication date (some are not released yet) and links to both the print version and the Kindle edition. To get access, you need to join the Tech Books community group and then you can use the following link: System Center Suite 2012 books: Tech Books community group link: Incidentally, if you decide that a book or two is missing from the list, feel free to join the group and edit the Wiki page to include something missing.

Webinar: Migrate to Windows 7 in Record-Breaking Time

Windows XP is quickly approaching its end of life and the new Windows 7 release holds the promise and benefits that include added security, improved manageability and enhanced ease of use. Join us and learn how to: Migrate off Windows XP now Identify incompatible software Assess Windows 7 hardware readiness Reduce license costs by only migrating used applications Reduce desk-side visits through in-depth discovery Thursday, November 8th 10am PT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET Register Now>> Take the guess work out of Windows 7 migration and overcome the challenges and risks with proven best practices. Speaker: John Marcum, Systems Management Architect in Birmingham Alabama  Microsoft MVP, System Center Configuration...

My Review: The Microsoft Surface RT

As promised, I’m going to provide my own unique review of the Microsoft Surface.  To be honest, there’s so much new and different about the Microsoft Surface that it will take pages and pages of review notes to do the job right.  So, that’s what I’ve decided to do.  Each feature and function (both software and hardware) will get its own review here, so I’ll be separating the reviews out into components, and therefore, different posts.  And, as I go through the review process I’ll update this post with links to the various pieces so you can get a central spot to access them all (in case you miss one or two). But, as a preliminary summary, I’d like to say that my experience with the Microsoft Surface has been extremely positive.  From the date receiv...

Update adds Windows 8 and Windows 2012 support to Endpoint Protection 2010

Microsoft has released a hotfix that provides Windows 8 and Windows 2012 support for Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010.  After you install this update, you can install the Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 client on a computer that is running Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012. NOTE: This update only applies to Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 clients that are integrated with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. Hotfix link: Update adds Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support to Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 clients

SCCM 2012 Application Importer sneakpeak, Input needed!!

I’m working on a new tool for automating the process of creating new Applications in SCCM 2012. Even though there is some work left I would very much like some input from the community how you are working with CM12. Since I myself use AD-Groups and target devices for deploying applications the first “alpha” release will focus on this. Current features: * Create an Application with a MSI deployment typ (with the standard settings). * Browse and select which SCCM Folder the Application will be created in. * Possibility to create a folder from within the tool. * Create an Active Directory group in a predefined OU. * Create a Collection limited to a predefined collection and create a query pointing to the AD-group created * Browse and select which SCCM Folder the Collection w...

Debugging VBScript Custom Actions: Fact or Fiction?

By Cary Roys I've long enjoyed/hated VBScript as a quick and dirty tool for getting a job done. As well, it's much favored by Enterprise Application Packagers because of its maintainability; everybody knows VBScript. There is a problem though, in that in its Quick and Dirty-ness it can often lead to the process of running an install over and over and over again after tweaking lines of code, hoping that you've figured out the issue. The purpose of this post is to delve into the well-documented and also the ill-documented options for getting your VBScript custom actions to work properly....

Microsoft needs your input in this ConfigMgr 2012 Usage and Perception survey

Microsoft has access to statistics and metrics for Configuration Manager usage through technical support and consulting services, but there’s a key piece of data they cannot gather — the customer community. And that’s where myITforum generally comes in.  Microsoft has requested that we survey all of you to help gather some real data on how Configuration Manager 2012 is being used and perceived. Please participate in the following survey.  Your input is always valuable and represents the best way for Microsoft to understand your needs and helps them determine ways to improve their products.  If we missed anything you believe important to you, please leave comments where provided.  

Last Chance to Vote for November’s Free SSRS Report

Based on the results of this month’s poll, tomorrow we’ll announce November’s free SSRS report. Make sure to cast your vote for either Software Metering Dashboard OR List of PCs by File System. You decide what report becomes our free give-away, so VOTE NOW for your favorite report! Sample Screenshot of Software Metering Dashboard: Sample Screenshot of List of PCs by File System:

Windows 8 IE10 File Download Crash

I’ve been very pleased so far working with Windows 8 Enterprise as my primary OS…save for one rather significant issue: Every time I attempted to initiate a file download in Internet Explorer 10, it would crash. This typically happened when another application attempted to make the call for the download, such as Chrysanth WebStory prompting to download the latest update or clicking on a download link in Outlook 2013.  Since I tend to use Chrome quite a bit, this started out as a minor annoyance. However, there’s only so many times you copy a URL from one browser to another to download a file before you decided to actually solve the problem 🙂 So, a quick check in the Application Event Log pointed me down the path of an Add-On called InfoAtoms: Faulting application name: IE...