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Month: October 2009

Using LINQ and the Entity Framework to query SMS/SCCM

Even if this title doesn’t mean anything to you, just bear with me for a moment. I’m about to show you a nice and easy way to query a database (the SMS/SCCM Database in this case) and this even for all records which have specific bits in a bitmask set as it happens quite often within SCCM. Recently I had to query some information from SCCM again I wanted to use within my MDT Web FrontEnd. I wanted to have a list of all available packages and be able to search within this list. Additionally return a list of all programs assigned to a specific package. This shouldn’t be a problem as I already had a full bunch of existing functions for this used within some webservices but one issue hit me hard into the face. Accessing SCCM using the WMI or the SDK for SCCM 2007 was incredibly slow. It took m...