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1E gets in the pre-MMS 2012 release game with Nomad Enterprise 4.1

1E is releasing Nomad Enterprise 4.1 just in time to show it off at MMS 2012 next week!

There are some VERY cool new features in this release! For example, the NMDS feature described below actually allows replaced image upgrades without the need for a User State Migration Point server! They are using Nomad to place the user state on a peer client machine on the local subnet during the imaging process, and pull it back when ready! You will see this new version, and much, much more at their MMS session on Wednesday at 2:15, next week!

1E is in booth #205 next week.

1E booth location at MMS 2012

Grab the full MMS 2012 Expo map

From 1E

clip_image001With Nomad Enterprise 4.1, 1E continues to help customers deliver the same level of service to users at any location for any of their content needs. When combined with other 1E solutions such as AppClarity, Shopping and NightWatchman they deliver cutting edge functionality that no other company can match.

New Features

This new 4.1 release of Nomad Branch provides utilities for enhanced OSD experience, an on-request shared cache mechanism, WinPE 3x support and sensitive server weighting.


  • Nomad Migration Data Sharing (NMDS) is designed to help backup USMT data to a peer computer on a branch site, though it is not limited to USMT. By default this feature is disabled but can be enabled for any computer with Nomad Branch 4.1 installed.
  • Nomad Branch WinPE 3x support – Improves bare metal and refresh OSD capabilities in branch scenarios by running under WinPE 3x. Nomad Branch can then be used as a local store for OS images, reducing bandwidth usage over the WAN and supporting local multicast to enable simultaneous deployments without greatly impacting the branch network.
  • Sensitive Server Weighting – election weighting now takes a special case value that prevents a business critical server from becoming a Nomad Branch master.
  • OSD Migration Tools – Nomad Branch is now bundled with the NomadPackageLocator and TSEnv2 OSD support tools. These help to support the new NMDS and Nomad Branch WinPE 3x features.  32- and 64-bit variants of these tools, which were previously bundled with the PXE Lite installer, are now installed as part of the Nomad Branch NomadBranchAdminUIExt.msi installer.

To find out more information on what Nomad Enterprise can do please take a look at the following video:

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