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1E announces new customer with 1,000,000 computers

I was chuckling at a competitor’s website, who were very pleased to announce that they had a new 300,000 seat customer, but they can’t say who it is. So I thought I’d upstage them by announcing a new customer with 1 million computers… but I can’t tell you who they are (they are very shy) – you’ll just have to take my word for it.

OK you got me – I made it all up… but then if I didn’t you’d have no way of verifying it would you?   🙂

On a semi related note – Have you seen our wall of customer testimonial videos and case studies? Seriously though, I think the only kind of customer testimonial worth crowing about are the ones with the customers name* (like this and this). Some of our case studies are from colossal companies such as Verizon, others from customers with just a few hundred computers, but the key is that they implemented our efficiency solutions, saved money and are proud to tell people about it.

Geoff Collins
Director of Product Management

*I think we’ve only got one exception, but since Brian Mason is such a well known and trusted member of the Systems Management community, it’s still a compelling testimonial of how Nomad has revolutionized systems management for him as an IT Professional.

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  1. Actually, Adaptiva have closed not one but two 300,000+ client deals this month. One of these customers bought more than 800,000 licenses of different Adaptiva products from us.

    Leading Fortune 500 corporations are selecting OneSite over Nomad, and we’re of course very pleased. I can see why our competition is feeling a little left out and frazzled.

    Deepak Kumar

    Chief Technology Officer, Adaptiva.

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