Add or remove features in MDT WinPE

Not going too deep here, just something I found the other day. In your MDT 2013 Deploymentshare, if you go to the share’s properties, you will find the WinPE Tab and the WinPE’s features: In here you can add components to your boot images. These components are either in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates\Distribution\Tools (like DaRT: ) or in your ADK install directory here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\WinPE_OCs If you take a look at the latter, you might see that there are components in there that don’t show up in that list in your MDT Deploymentshare, for example (File Management API). Why is that? … Continue reading

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ConfigMgr 2012 OSD – Failed to run unattended

One fairly common scenario for Operating System Deployment in ConfigMgr is the use of boot media to initiate the OSD process.  It’s pretty straightforward: you create the CD/DVD .iso file or bootable USB key, pop it in the system you want to image (or mount the .iso in a virtual environment), and kick off your Task Sequence. However, in your excitement...

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A QuickStart Guide to Using Web Services in MDT / SCCM

A baker doesn’t have the same job as an accountant who doesn’t have the same job as a painter: different tools, different working environment, different products. Whereas you wouldn’t dream of developing a working environment for one of those users and forcing the other two to use it, this often is the base premise for corporate desktops; a one-size-fits-all approach...

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WMUG Video–Niall Brady from demo’s CM12 BitLocker front-end HTA

While I was out in Seattle enjoying a fantastic MVP 2013 summit, I came across my buddy Niall Brady who was getting all excited about his new CM12 BitLocker front-end HTA (new, I think he’s reached Iteration 3 so not so new …), and we agreed to meet up in the evening to go over it. This all went to plan, and in a bustling hotel bar in Seattle we sat down, with food, beer and laptops in readiness to go over Niall”s awesome toy when I got the idea of recording the whole demo! So, with no tripod, working around the waitress, employing extreme shaky-cam technology (my hand!) and a Samsung Galaxy SIII mobile phone we set about running through the demo. I think this format, very off the cuff, it’s all about the content and not a smart slick presentation style, we hope you agree and enjoy the content in this video!

The Hotel bar was a bit noisy, I’ve tried to remove all audio excesses and left everything else as it was. It’s certainly watchable.

Click here to visit the WMUG Event page to view the video


Robert Marshall – MVP ConfigMgr

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New Dell driver cabs for WinPE 3 and WinPE 4 available

Warren Byle just announced that there are new Dell driver cabs available for WinPE 3 and WinPE4. Here’s the announcement with the link to the Dell TechCenter: New #Dell driver cabs for WinPE 3 and WinPE 4 available on @delltechcenter #configmgr #mdt #sysctr — Warren Byle (@WarrenByle) January 7, 2013

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Integrating Dell XPS 13 USB 3.0 Drivers into WinPE 3.x

As most of you know by now, Dell’s "newly" released XPS 13 Ultrabook contains a USB 3.0 chipset which also means you have to deal with a new, non-native driver for use with Windows PE.  With that, here is a quick and dirty guide on what drivers are needed for the XPS 13 for Windows PE. Download the drivers: Obviously...

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Pre-Caching Domain Profiles in Windows

Often in desktop deployment, many environmental conditions are assumed and taken for granted.  This can result in a great deal of head scratching when those elements are suddenly taken away.  One of the biggest assumed conditions is the presence of your network when building the desktop.  Although for most large companies the always-connected environment is a given and the idea...

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Setting screen resolution in WinPE 4.0? Johan (who else) figured it out

In previous versions of WinPE you could set the screen resolution pretty easily by modifying the Unattend.xml file.  Well…it’s still just as easy, except if you try the old method and older values in the ColorDepth statement it’s not going to work. Johan messed around with it a bit and finally determined the cause and fix. Get the new Unattend.xml...

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