Microsoft Virtual Academy: Then and Now

The last couple years have meant big changes as to how Microsoft engages the community and one of them has been the Microsoft Virtual Academy. This learning service was met with skepticism as to how much value it would offer to the community as other offerings were being decommissioned around the same time. Lately I decided to take a peek...

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How I Get it Done with Office 365

I’ve been a skeptic about cloud and mostly writing it off as a fad but once in a while you see where different types of cloud infrastructure can come together to form a beautiful solution that empowers the end user. Keep in mind that Office 365 is more than just Office but a suite of applications running in a data...

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Start leveraging Windows Azure Virtual Network in the cloud, with free training…

Windows Azure Virtual Network in the cloud, start leveraging it with these free learning resources.

  • Want to learn more about Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks?
    • COMPLETE the FREE online training on Windows Azure
    • COMPLETE Getting Started with Servers in the Cloud
    • COMPLETE additional lab scenarios with Step-by-Step Guides
  • Want to learn more about Windows Server 2012? Become our next “Early Expert”!
    • DOWNLOAD Windows Server 2012 for further evaluation.
    • JOIN our Windows Server 2012 “Early Experts” Challenge IT Pro Study Group. 
  • Want to learn more about our FREE Hyper-V Server 2012?
    • DOWNLOAD Hyper-V Server 2012 for evaluation and production use.
    • COMPLETE the Step-by-Step Guide for Hyper-V Server 2012 to begin leveraging it. 


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Build your ConfigMgr 2012 lab in the Cloud

This is extremely cool.  Keith Mayer has posted up some instructions for utilizing Windows Azure to create your own Cloud-based lab, so you can install and test a Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 environment.  No need for hardware, Microsoft provides it. You can take advantage of the Windows Azure free 90-day trial, get your lab up and running, test ConfigMgr, and...

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What can the Cloud do for ConfigMgr 2012?

SP1 for ConfigMgr 2012 introduces a couple new Distribution Point types: a Cloud-based DP and a Pull DP.  Talking with ConfigMgr folks over the last couple weeks, particularly at the System Center Universe 2013, they really don’t care (so far) at all for a Cloud-based function for ConfigMgr.  However, that’s not to say that the function isn’t neat or noteworthy,...

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Tie Data Protection Manager to Windows Azure Online Backup

Microsoft has released an update rollup package for System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) with SP1 that will allow you to connect your DPM implementation with Windows Azure Online Backup. Here’s what the update provides: This article describes an update rollup package that adds the following features to the Windows Azure Online Backup for Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Pack...

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Learn Windows Azure on your own with this training kit download

Providing two different downloads (full download and a web installer), Microsoft has released the Windows Azure Training Kit.  There’s a lot of folks who hear “Windows Azure” and consider it’s nothing for them to take part in or nothing that will ever be of interest.  However, here’s a tip: even System Center Configuration Manager admins will eventually need to know how to work...

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Join the Windows Azure community group

We’ve opened up a new Community Group today to allow those interested in Windows Azure to have a place to congregate. Show your expertise or just connect with people who can help you learn about Microsoft’s Windows Azure.  Join the Community group and start participating: Windows Azure Community group

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