The Exchange 2010 management pack provides significant value for monitoring Exchange. However, one piece of functionality that is not available by default is Mail Flow related data – specifically, the rate at which e-mails are being sent and received. Pretty important information me thinks.

The good news is the necessary performance collection rule is included with the management pack but is just disabled:

  1. Collect: MSExchangeTransport SMTP Send: Messages sent per second
  2. Collect: MSExchangeTransport SMTP Send: Messages received per second

I set the frequency to 60 seconds and was able to put together a simple dashboard that accurately displays mail flow rates. This environment has three Hub Transports so you’d need to add the rates up for a total.

NOTE: Keep in mind the rates may seem deceptively low but if the average messages sent/sec is .3 and remains at .3 for an hour, that equates to 1080 messages.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 6.09.10 PM

If you want to create monitors or alert generating rules you can use the Objects listed below:

  • Object: MSExchangeTransport SMTPSend | Counter: Messages Sent/sec
  • Object: MSExchangeTransport SMTPSend | Counter: Messages Received/sec

Be sure to browse the perfmon library on your Exchange Hub transports – lots of hidden gems worth exploring.

Thank you to Ryan Rager of Microsoft for helping me find these counters.