Create MDT Applications from ConfigMgr Applications

Did you see Johan Arwidmark’s post about “The battle begins – Building the perfect reference image for ConfigMgr 2012” ( ? One point Johan, and also a lot of customers and other consultants, brought up, was this: You don’t need to dupliacte software packages (apps), which means if you are building really thick images (30 – 40 apps in the image), and those apps are already in ConfigMgr, it’s probably faster to build the image in ConfigMgr. I understand, if I needed to do that manually I’d be very much pi**ed off Thankfully I know Powershell and hey, both ConfigMgr and MDT even more know what Powershell is. In one … Continue reading

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Powershell script to find Boundary overlaps in ConfigMgr

Having boundaries are important for different reasons. Robert Marshall tweeted an interesting question yesterday, asking Of course it can. Site assignment can be done otherwise and as long as you are happy with all your clients being in slow boundaries, then you’re ‘fine’. But should you do that””? I don’t think so. Anyways. Nickolaj Andersen then tweeted that he finished a script which would evaluate if a given IP is somewhere inside an existing boundary: I remembered that I wrote a similar script some months ago and thought I had uploaded it, which was apparently not the case. So here is my script… Overlapping Boundaries In version 2012 ConfigMgr … Continue reading

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How to configure client activity settings in ConfigMgr

When does the ConfigMgr client become Inactive or Active? Ever wondered what triggers the ConfigMgr client change its Client Activity status from Active to Inactive? My lab doesn’t have any inactive client at the moment, but I guess you know what I mean Client Status Settings There isn’t too much information on the internet how to configure the client’s behaviour and I myself searched about 1.5 hours today until a colleague of mine helped me out with a simple screenshot. I always forget about this configuration menu and I really don’t understand why Microsoft put it there. This should be in the client settings or discovery node. In this menu … Continue reading

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Windows 8.1 Deployment Jump Start

  Fantastic set of instruction here by some of the best. ;) Instructors; Ben Hunter, Michael Niehaus, Johan Arwidmark and Mikeal Nystrom. Abstract: Do you want to deploy Windows 8.1 the “right way”? Find out how to avoid deployment pitfalls and how to streamline the process, from a team of experts, including a key Developer […]

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ConfigMgr 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 ADK Update

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2 Great articles by Aaron Czechowski that explain what’s changed in the new ADK update and how it relates to MDT and ConfigMgr.

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Applications vs Packages – Why the ConfigMgr Package model won’t go anywhere

During my last projects I came across a lot of issues around Software Deployment, mainly with the not-so-new-anymore Application model of Configuration Manager 2012. Here’s a list of issues with Applications I came across and why I think the ‘legacy’ package model won’t go anywhere very soon: Applications don’t know what a recurrence schedule is Packages can be deployed and configured with a recurring schedule. If you want to have your program run on every Monday morning, just configure the recurrence accordingly. You can’t do that with Applications. The App model doesn’t know what a recurrence pattern is. It’s debatable if Software / Scripts / whatever that need to be … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t use the Powershell pipe when using ConfigMgr

The other day I was asked why I used the -filter parameter in one of my Powershell scripts with Get-WmiObject instead of just doing a pipe to Where-Object. When writing scripts for Configuration Manager you quite often have to use the Get-WmiObject cmdlet (or the gwmi alias) to get certain objects. But how do you manage to do it as performant as possible? The answer to that is best shown with a quick example. Find ConfigMgr device with Powershell My ConfigMgr demo environment consists of approximately 2500 demo machines in one domain. I now want to find a certain machine and I only know its name. As the Admin Console … Continue reading

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Script to change Assigned Site code

  A question from one of my MVP friends: Do you have a script to change client site code? Someone assigned a wrong sitecode to some clients and need to change it. This VBScript was developed to handle an entire office moving from one physical location to another, and clients required assignment to a different […]

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How does RES Workspace Manager 2014 initiate a deployment?

After some extremely busy weeks I finally found some time to write a blog again. In my earlier blogs about RES Workspace Manager 2014 I explained the support of this current version with System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager and Microsoft App-V version 5. I my first blog about the support of Configuration Manager 2012 R2 in RES Workspace Manager...

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SCCM 2012 – Security (Part 3)

Hi All, If you missed the Part I you can find it here and Part II can be found here today we go ahead with the Part 3 of the series of posts about security and now it is time to talk about the web certificates. The web certificate is the certificate that is used by any SCCM Site role that used IIS (well…not any as FSP will not use certificate as it only accept non-encrypted traffic). Anyway, if you go to the documentation ( you will notice that the following services/site roles need web certificate: Management point, Distribution point, Software update point, State migration point, Enrollment point, Enrollment proxy point, Application Catalog web service point, Application Catalog website point, Cloud-based distribution point, Network Load Balancing (NLB) cluster for a software update point**, Site system servers that run Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server cluster: Site system servers that run Microsoft…

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Count of PCs by OU

Please see post for full details

    dbo.v_RA_System_SystemOUName SOU 
    JOIN dbo.v_R_System SYS ON SYS.ResourceID = SOU.ResourceID

/*WHERE SYS.Netbios_Name0 IN ( 'PHO-PVR63186',
Group by 

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