App-V 5, ConfigMgr 2012 R2 and RES Workspace Manager 2014 better together

Playing around with RES Workspace Manager 2014 together with Configuration Manager 2012 R2 the last couple of weeks trigged me to try more scenarios that can be tested and implemented. Yesterday I quickly showed you how RES Workspace Manager 2014 is able to manage a normal application with a Deployment Type installing the MSI version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. In this blog...

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RES Workspace Manager 2014 adds support for ConfigMgr applications

Last couple of weeks I was able to test the new upcoming RES Workspace Manager 2014 together with Configuration Manager 2012 R2. With RES Workspace Manager you are able to manage your workspace by for instance locking it down and just publishing shortcuts for the applications a user is allowed to run. The current version, RES Workspace Manager 2012 is currently...

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A quick ConfigMgr 2012 R2 installation tip from Wally Mead

Wow, seems like ages ago that Wally Mead was at our Windows Management User Group Netherlands meeting back in November. During this Friday Afternoon Drink Wally talked about the new release 2 of Configuration Manager 2012. One of his sessions was a live upgrade of Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 to Configuration Manager 2012 R2. During the live upgrade and Wally...

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Windows To Go and Configuration Manager 2012 R2 better together – part 3

So now that we have prepared our IronKey device, prepared the Task Sequence Media and Windows To Go package we can have a look at the provisioning of IronKey with Windows To Go. What we need to do is to change the Task Sequence to enable BitLocker and we need to deploy the package so that we eventually are able...

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New tool–ConfigMgr Inbox Monitor

Produced another tool, nothing fancy, shows how many files are in each of the ConfigMgr inboxes in an easy to see way. Beyond listing the file counts it allows you to turn off display of empty inboxes.




Requirements: ConfigMgr 2003, 2007, 2012, .NET 4.5 on the machine running the tool.

I’ve tried using it remotely and locally, for remote connections you can choose to use the SMS_<SITECODE> share or the administrative shares (C$\D$…) to establish the connection dependent on permissions to do either. Was quick and easy to produce, hope it helps somehow.

You can download it here from SourceForge.

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New tool – Client Push Manager

Finished another tool in C#, this one helps you manage Client Installation requests (CCRs). Either select some or all of the CCR’s and delete them from the Site server.

Only requires .NET 4.0 on the machine the tool is run on, administrator privileges on the site server and Connect and Select on the database.

Built-in control bar for stopping or starting the Client Configuration Manager

Helps you stop dead an accidental Client push initiated in-console.

Check out the SourceForge page here:


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ConfigMgr Component Manager

I’ve been on a couple of weeks Holiday, I dropped most of my chores and focused on family time, some time away from the house, and indulging in things I’ve wanted to explore for a while now. Well I’m back, and aside from discovering Oculus Rift, Leap Motion and putting in a lot of time on iRacing, one of the things I got up to on my break was to get a good strong handle on C#, and start writing some fun tools.

I’ve made two tools so far, one for managing Client Installation Requests called Client Push Manager, which I’m finishing up, and a tool for managing ConfigMgr Component status called CMComponent Manager which is a spin-off idea from working on the Client Push Manager tool.

CM Component Manager isn’t a new idea, it doesn’t introduce any more functionality that which already exists in the ConfigMgr Service Manager tool, which is included in the ConfigMgr Console installation, but I wanted to streamline the process of getting onto the site server, seeing the components and manipulating them while learning more C#.

You can single or multi select Components, stop, pause, resume or start the selection easily, the Current State column becomes real-time after you’ve made a change to a Components status and will change description to Stopped, Running or Paused based on the real state of the Component.

Here’s a shot of the interface:



All of my tools will be stored on SourceForge. and CM Component Manager is located here.

Download here


Find any bugs, issues, got ideas for the tool, check out this page on SourceForge to create a Ticket and I’ll try to sort them out.


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Site Discovery behavior with Internet based ConfigMgr clients

When using devices that you want to manage via an Internet Based Management Point you need to keep in mind some things that will change in the way the Configuration Manager client interacts with your Configuration Manager 2012 site. With this blog I would explain what to expect when using internet based Configuration Manager 2012 clients. Read the complete blog...

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Setup Commander 1.0 (RTM) has been released

Yesterday Roel van Bueren released the 1.0 (RTM) version of Setup Commander during his session about “Simplifying Windows Application Deployment with Setup Commander“ at our Windows Management User Group NL meeting. As from now the Setup Commander comes as two editions. One free, standard version and professional version for which you need to get a subscription. Read the complete blog here:...

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My top 10 new features of ConfigMgr 2012 SP1 – part 10

It has been a while since I wrote about my top 10 new features of ConfigMgr 2012 Service Pack 1. Have been busy with setting up our new User Group (WMUG NL), preparing presentations, writing other blogs and contributing to the upcoming book of Kent Agerlund (System Center 2012 SP1 Configuration Manager: Mastering the Fundamentals). Busy times between working and all other hobbies...

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