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If you haven’t seen this before, well here you go Really great list of free ebooks in various format (PDF, EPUB and Kindle) that covers a wide range of topics.  Download the books here. The current list is as follows: Microsoft System Center Deploying Hyper-V with Software-Defined Storage & Networking Microsoft System Center Software Update […]

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Microsoft SCCM – new version will be released to support Windows 10

Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of program management for Microsoft’s Windows Server and System Center Group, recently gave a keynote address at the 2015 System Center Universe in Dallas. He assured the audience that Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is the on-premise PC management solution of choice for Miscrosoft

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SCCM 2012 R2 PXE fails (WDS Crash)

Players, Last week I was asked to look into PXE boot issue that a friend of mine was experiencing, in his own words he explained that “PXE boots were working fine until” … he recently built a new Windows 2008 R2 box (No idea why he didn’t use 2012 R2 …). It wasn’t a boundary group issue, as this problem was intermittent. And was sometimes fixed reboot of the server. He passed over a bunch of log files, and the following error stuck out. Log Name: Application Source: WDSServer Event ID: 512 Task Category: WDSServer Description: An error occurred while trying to initialize provider WdsImgSrv from C:\Windows\system32\WdsImgSrv.dll. Since this provider is not marked as critical, Windows Deployment Services server will continue. As well as this … Log Name: Application Source: WDSIMGSRV Event ID: 258 Task Category: WdsImgSrv Level: Error Description: An error occurred while trying to initialize the Windows Deployment Services…

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Certificates for Microsoft Intune

Certificates needed for using Intune and managing devices can be a very confusing topic whether in a hybrid or standalone configuration. If you are unfamiliar with the difference between hybrid and standalone, check out my previous post on this: Comparing the Two Modes of Microsoft Intune. To start with, in reality, Intune itself requires no certificates […]

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How Many Software Updates Are Within My WSUS Database?

By Garth Jones Recently I setup System Center Configuration Manager to work in an air gap environment. During this process I needed to determine the number of software updates (SU) that were within the Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) database. Being a bit of a SQL guy, I opened SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and queried the WSUS database. If...

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InstallAnywhere Tip: How to Specify Native or Swing Resources

The InstallAnywhere $IA_BROWSE_FOLDERS$ variable controls whether InstallAnywhere installers will use Swing or Native resources to render the Browse for Folder dialog box (also called the Select Folder dialog box). This distinction is important when localizing an installer. Native—When the $IA_BROWSE_FOLDERS$ variable is set to Native, the installer renders a Browse for Folder dialog box that has a look and feel consistent with the end user’s operating system. Swing—When the $IA_BROWSE_FOLDERS$ variable is set to Swing, the installer renders a Browse for Folder dialog box that uses the correct locale for all languages, and it is consistent across different platforms. To…

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UI++ Released

No new major items in this release although a couple of important bugfixes are included along with a number of user requested improvements. Also, after re-writing the AppTree code literally 10 times, inclusions are back. Exclusions are still disabled for now, but I’ll be adding those back shortly. For full details and to download the […]

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Computer Share Details is March’s Free SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report

Make sure to email Info AT Enhansoft to receive March’s free SSRS report today! The Computer Share Details report provides the share type, share name, share path and share caption for a specific PC. Additionally, you can decide whether or not to include administrative shares (Disk Drive Admin, Print Queue Admin, Device Admin, IPC Admin). Knowing this information is helpful...

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