Headline-grabbing hacks, with victims ranging from Wendy’s Co. to the Democratic National Committee, are increasing despite regulatory scrutiny and more aggressive cyber-security spending. Read More…

The i2Coalition started out as a grassroots organization made up of web hosting companies, focused on the challenges of the two acts….

Microsoft gets a birds eye view of the various types of cyber threats that happen around the world because of their vast cloud service portfolio, data centers that support those cloud services, and the customers using those services. That unique perspective allows the company to fine tune their approach to monitoring and responding to these threats each day.

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Share what you’re keeping an eye out for

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to watch for in IT in the year ahead, and here’s what’s been on my mind. I’d love to hear what you’re paying attention to, in the comments or via email

The future will be more evenly distributed within IT

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Israel is leading the world in demand for cybersecurity skills, with twice as many job postings in the sector as any other country, according to survey by Indeed….


Amazon gives Alexa device customers the ability to change the device name that is assigned to each device and the name that is shown in your Amazon Alexa account configuration. These names show up on the web version and in the app.

By default, Alexa devices come with pretty standard names, but as your Alexa device farm grows (which seems to be the case for anyone who has tried Alexa) you'll want to create custom names to better identify which device resides in which location. For example, you could have a kitchen Alexa, or a bedroom Alexa.

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Well we are now a few weeks into 2017, so now seems like a great time to look at what great technologies to look out for this year. Last year was a great year for new cutting edge technology slowly creeping into what we all do. Social is of course the biggest driver for both personal and business more than ever, last year saw most vendors make sweeping moves to try and capture this. You can see this with many applications that have gained specific features that each other has to try and win us all over.

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WordPress will begin introducing SSL-only features that will only be available on secure sites.
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Cloud companies are creating huge supply-demand imbalance in top data center markets…