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How to recover a ConfigMgr 2012 site using a restored db

Steve Thompson, August 1, 2014

  This process makes the assumption that the ConfigMgr 2012 Sp1 (or later) SQL Server database was manually restore…

Last Chance to Request July’s Free SSRS Report, List of PCs by Office SKU (Office 2003)

Enhansoft, July 31, 2014

Get your free copy of List of PCs by Office SKU (Office 2003) today by sending an email to Info AT Enhansoft.

Mobile Application Management – How to Mitigate the Accidental Tweet

Flexera, July 31, 2014

The risk of unmanaged mobile apps in the enterprise is growing, BYOD, BYOA, consumerization, all have the potential to i…

Connect with the IT/Dev Connections 2014 Community

Rod Trent, July 30, 2014

Today, we’ve unveiled a new IT/Dev Connections Facebook event for those that would love to locate and connect with atten…

Last Chance to Vote for August’s Free SSRS Report

Enhansoft, July 30, 2014

The report choices in this month’s poll are: Computer Service Details OR List of PCs by Windows Experience Index.

Managing Mac’s with Parallels: Software and OSD

Windows Management Experts, July 30, 2014

This is the second part of a series about the Parallels SCCM plug-in for managing Mac’s with SCCM.

Software Deployment – Windows 8.1 Update 2

Flexera, July 30, 2014

The news media continues to report that a new operating system update, Windows 8.

Enable Workstation Logon Audit Policy in Order to Collect Top Console User Details

Enhansoft, July 29, 2014

By Garth Jones

Last month I was asked how to get top console user details into a report.

An Oracle Database patch that could cost you dearly

Flexera, July 29, 2014

By Vincent Brasseur Oracle has just released version 12.1.0.

InstallShield in Action Video: How to Simplify Multi-Tier Installations

Flexera, July 29, 2014

If you’re developing installations for complex server applications, this video can help.

Software Patches from Official versus Non-official Sources

WindowsITPro, July 29, 2014

The topic is one I believe that hasn’t been talked about a lot, so I’m interested to hear your feelings on the matter.

Webinar: Understanding CM2012 Boundaries

Rod Trent, July 28, 2014

1E has a webinar coming up tomorrow, presented by Mike Terrill, that will cover Configuration Manager 2012 Boundaries.

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  • Asset Intelligence Third Party Import File with multiple PO# for Same Software Title (Leon_Nick)
    A customer of mine ask me if there is a way to import third-party license information to SCCM 2012 Asset Intelligence that contain multiple POs either from same or different vendors using one line per PO. I try using the following te […]
  • SCCM and Dynamic Disks on Site Servers (millh0use)
    I've run into a situation where I need to extend one of the (non boot) drives on my Config Mgr 2012 SP1 CU1 Primary Site Server. This drive contains my source files, and Config Mgr is installed on the drive. I'm planning to convert the disk t […]
  • SQL Assistance (gwenger547)
    We are attempting to gather Autodesk information from our computers. Currently we have modified the mof to gather just two of their products and will expand our data collection once we can get a valid output report. This is what we find using […]
  • CM12 "Rerun behavior" equivalent?? (Darren)
    Hello all, When using CM12 applications, I am no longer seeing rerun behavior (always rerun, rerun only if failed etc). Based on sample situation below, please offer suggestions…. In CM07 we have several applications where p […]
  • Error uninstalling Adobe Acrobat X Pro (jheaton558)
    SCCM 2012 Server is at SP1 CU3 Clients are varied… I have a package created to run the following command line: msiexec /x {AC76BA86-1033-F400-7760-000000000005} /qn It is set to run Hidden Requirements: Any […]

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