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Top Software Asset Management Business Challenges and How to Meet Them

Flexera, September 12, 2014

By John Emmitt Flexera Software recently conducted a survey, with TechValidate, of our FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterpr…

Wally Mead: Why I Left Microsoft

WindowsITPro, September 12, 2014

For my initial post here, I thought it would be a great idea to clear the air as to why I left Microsoft and why I joine…

The IT/Dev Connections Conference Guide for OneNote Users

Rod Trent, September 12, 2014

With just a few hours left before I wrap up and start getting ready to head out to leave for IT/Dev Connections, I thoug…

Wally Mead Joins IdeaXchange as an Expert Contributor

Rod Trent, September 11, 2014

Everybody loves Wally.

How a “Not Equal To” Query is Processed

Enhansoft, September 11, 2014

By Garth Jones

Building on yesterday’s blog post about how a query is processed this post will show you how a query…

Application Readiness Maturity: Level 3 – Efficient Delivery

Flexera, September 11, 2014

At Level 3 of the Application Readiness Maturity Model, organizations increase efficiency and productivity in delivering…

IT/Dev Connections: SpeakerShots, Episode 5

Rod Trent, September 10, 2014

The Belgium Connection! In episode 5, we highlight our Belgium speakers Kenny Buntinx, Dieter Wijckmans, and Tim De Keuk…

Problems Running the New-CMSiteSystemServer PowerShell Cmdlet? There’s a Fix for That

Rod Trent, September 10, 2014

Those looking forward to using some of the PowerShell cmdlets for System Center Configuration Manager might find at leas…

How Queries Are Processed

Enhansoft, September 10, 2014

By Garth Jones

A question that comes up from time to time is about how to locate PCs that do not have a specific type…

How to Say Goodbye to Windows Server 2003 and prepare for EOL

Flexera, September 10, 2014

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 has been a trusted piece of technology for over a decade – one of the longest of ope…

Making a Good Last Impression: Customizing Your Uninstaller

Flexera, September 10, 2014

If your software product installs well, what do you hear from your customers? Crickets.

Windows Intune: Software

Windows Management Experts, September 10, 2014

This part of an ongoing series about Windows Intune. This part will focus on deploying software with Windows Intune.

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  • 2012 R2 Site Replication Failure (sysgen)
    Hey everyone I am having an issue with my ConfMgr 2012 R2 environment with site replication I have no idea where to begin as both servers can reach other and communicate fine. I ran the replication analyzer and I have attached a snapshot of the log […]
  • Autodiscover failing for SMS client in separate domain. (donburikun)
    I have a Windows 7 SP1 x86 Enterprise system with the SMS 2003 client installed (2.50.4253.3000). It is in a separate domain from the SMS server (same version 2.50.4253.3000). When I enter the site code on the advanced tab and click discover it I g […]
  • Export query results to Excel 2013 (knelson224)
    Hi All, Just upgraded to Office 2013 – trying to cut and paste a query result into Excel 2013 and it dumps all 4 columns into 1 cell – it is not splitting into cells based on my headers. This worked fine in Office 2010. I have tried pa […]
  • Mof editions to find Product ID and Serial Number of all physical hard drives (jmcleish)
    Hi, Does anyone know how to get the Product ID and Serial number of all the physical Hard disks in a server? I can only find this info in OpenManage and can't find it anywhere else.Currently the Physical Media and Disk Drives show the RAID config onl […]
  • Can't connect to Site Database (SCCMLaw)
    Here is my issue. We have SCCM 2007 R3 installed on a VM, and we ran out of disk space so the network guys were going to expand the drive size. They first copied the until drive "D" to the network and then they expanded the drive size. […]

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