Here are some tutorial videos walking you through some of the new features of 3.0.  As we develop more, we’ll post them here.

Getting to know 3.0: Save, print, and share articles – 3.0 now has a unique feature that allows you to save each article in PDF format to take with for later reading on your PC or mobile device.



Getting to know 3.0: To the Top! – 3.0 now includes a simple but valuable tool, allowing you to minimize frustration when trying to get back to the menus.



Getting to know 3.0: Book Reviews – 3.0 now provides the ability to host links to System Center related books and include community reviews so you don’t get stuck with a book you don’t like just because’s reviews were written by the authors and publishers.



Getting to know myITforum 3.0: Setting up WLW for posting – Run through this screencast to see how to setup Windows Live Writer for posting content to the 3.0 website. NOTE: If you would like a blogging/columnist account on, you need to request it. Request it using this email address:



Getting to know 3.0: The Links Directory – In this short video we’ll walk you through the new Links Directory feature for The Links Directory gives you the ability to share content with any other member or -friend-. It also gives you the ability to add links to your own online myITforum -toolbox-.



Getting to know myITforum 3.0: Finding and Retaining Content – myITforum 3.0 now provides the ability to locate content in many different ways. It also gives you the ability to retain content in an online toolbox that you can keep and-or share.



Getting to know 3.0: Community Notifications – 3.0 has a customizable feature that allows you to be notified for a variety of community activity events. In addition to being notified in your site’s personal profile, you can also choose to be notified through email based on your settings.



Getting to know 3.0: The Profile Helper – 3.0 provides a unique profile helper panel that is always present across all areas of This panel gives you the ability to keep tabs on your own personal activity such as direct site messages, as well as, sitewide activity.



Getting to know 3.0: Creating Community Events – 3.0 has a new Events Management system, allowing User Group admins or other members to create event notifications such as Webinars, User Group meetings, and conferences.



Getting to know 3.0: Sharing your status with your friends – 3.0 includes a fun little feature that allows you to update your community status. You can update using text or a photo, and even include your myITforum friends in your status using the @ sign.



Getting to know 3.0: The Community Status Bar – At the bottom of each page on 3.0, there is a new community status bar. This status bar rotates the last 20 items of activity that are important to you. The bar is highly intelligent and updates the content based on where you are on the web site.



Getting to know 3.0: Jobs Service – We’ve always provided ways for folks to employers and potential employees to connect, but now we make it official with a streamlined, automated jobs service.



Getting to know 3.0: Sharing the rest of the web with the community – This new feature of 3.0 allows you to share interesting information from other websites directly to myITforum so that other community members can know about valuable content.