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For over 10 years, has provided a free resource—a central  location—for systems  management administrators to find support and participate in a constantly  growing community of peers.  Participation in has brought value to thousands of IT  workers by offering an environment of learning and advancement. But, could not  provide experience without it’s membership.

That’s right.  YOU are

To show our gratitude for your dedication we have unveiled the  “Most Valued Community Contributor” program (MVCC). To participate, contribute to the community through articles, blogs,  email lists, forums—or any number of areas found on Each quarter 2 MVCC’s will be  awarded and each year an MVCC-of-the-year will receive special benefits.


Not a member of You should be, but if not you can still participate.  Continue doing what you do for the community on your own site, blog location, etc. If it  proves valuable, a member can nominate you using our nomination process and you’ll  receive the same benefits.



    •  1-Year Award
    •  $100 Gift Certificate to
    •  Sponsor-donated item
    •  Reserved Party Ticket
    •  Seat on the Panel-of-Experts at MMS
    •  Community interview and profile page
    •  Microsoft MVP nomination
  •  ANNUAL MVCC OF THE YEAR –  1 Full MMS Conference Pass!


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Our current MVCC’s:

Member avatar Chris Nackers (Awarded May 9, 2011)

Member avatar Sherry Kissinger (Awarded May 9, 2011)
The myITforum Most Valued Community Contributor Program