At its core – is the acknowledged, centralized community for Microsoft System Center technologies and systems management methodologies.

But, goes much farther than that. is a community of worldwide IT professionals. membership and visitors are made up of IT Administrators and IT Managers from several countries, in small, medium, and large companies around the world.   Over 140,000 people visit each day to find solutions to problems they face.  These answers come in the form of articles, self-help forum posts, self-help email discussion lists, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) database, blog posts, and online media such as videos and podcasts. is also a “web site” with technologies designed to promote community interaction and activity.  The technologies implemented on allow the community to expand at steady rates. averages close to one million page views a day.

These days the word community is used so loosely that the word loses it’s real meaning. is a real community, comprised of real, dedicated, and loyal individuals. is led by community members, promoted by community members, and the community’s needs are always addressed because evolves it’s technologies based on community comments and suggestions. does not “guess” at what the community needs, nor does it decide it knows explicitly what a community needs. will always be a community driven web site.  By becoming a member or visitor of you know that you are in charge, and you will never be blasted for a newbie question, or even asking a question that has already been answered.  The community has grown over the years into the most kind and generous group of people online. has been an established community since 1999. is the largest and longest running community of its type.  Over the years, has formulated the best recipe for building and maintaining community. is also not a “walled garden” as some sites say to promote themselves. continually supports and promotes external web sites and people who exhibit services and content that round the community as a whole.  If you would like to get your web site, service, software, or company noticed by the community at large, is the place to do it!

Some web sites give you stats-per-month to make it sound impressive, but the community is a daily driving force.  Though,’s stats sound impressive, our tried-and-true recipe for community means we highlight you without your efforts being lost in the mix.  You never get lost in this community, no matter who you are.  Anyone can share information in a number of ways.  No one is excluded.

So, welcome to the best community in the world!  Get involved right away by utilizing the ever-expanding, totally free technologies we provide and see for yourself just how great this community really is.  We, at, are sure your experience will be a positive one.  And, if not, just drop us an email, day or night, and let us know what you need.  You can always make a suggestion or comment to:


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