Unattended ConfigMgr2012 Setup

How much effort do you need to setup a System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Site…

It’s just one Command !!!

If you have Windows Management Framework 5.0, just enter “install-package cm12r2” or with chocolateycinst cm12r2

- Server 2012 R2 (Domain joined)
- .Net Framework 3.5.1 installed !!!
- Fast internet connection (it will download ~4GB of data)
- 3 hours (dependent of the internet connection)
- more than 10GB free Disk space on drive C:

What does it do:

The Package cm12r2 will install the following dependencies:
- cm12r2.iis (Installation and configuration of IIS and other required Windows Features )
- cm12r2.adk (download and installation of ADK8.1 with the features required for Cm12)
- cm12r2.sql2012 (download and install SQL Server 2012 SP2 EVAL)
- cm12r2.cm (download and installation of System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 EVAL)

At the end you should have a fully functional ConfigMgr2012 Site.

Note: All the sources are downloaded directly from Microsoft. The setup is for evaluation only, do not use this in a productive environment !!


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