Microsoft App-V Changes Installation Development Landscape

Enterprises and government organizations want App-V for its time- and cost-saving benefits.

However, standardizing on App-V requires time-consuming conversion of both legacy and newly purchased applications. To help customers gain the benefit and avoid the time, more and more software companies are making their applications available as an App-V package and a traditional MSI package. It’s a significant change for the development landscape.

So what options exist to help software developers build an App-V package? A white paper, Microsoft App-V: What Software Installation Developers Should Know, answers this question and more, including:
• What exactly is Microsoft App-V?
• What’s behind its popularity and what building options exist?
• How can App-V package authoring integrate into MSI processes?

For some great tips and to stay up-to-date on this important technology, download this white paper today. What tips do you have for building an MSI Windows installer or cross platform installer for App-V?


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