Give Management Points Full Location Awareness

My good friend and MVP, Rob Marshall, dropped me a note last week to give me a preview of a new tool he’s been developing. LocationAware is a product that injects the ability to control which Management Points (MP) clients can access into System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 and R2.

This is a feature that is not part of the ConfigMgr, but should be. Today, clients can connect to any available MP, sometimes connecting across vast networks instead of the efficiently contacting the nearest one.

I’m due to get a demo of the product soon, but wanted to make you aware of its existence since it does look extremely valuable.

More here:

It’s great to see solutions like these starting to crop up again. In the early days of SMS and ConfigMgr, the product was greatly improved through community efforts. Community activity has been sort of stale for the last couple years and I welcome getting back to the good times.


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